Monday, April 22, 2013

Appreciating Spring

While I am busy quilting, the world is changing into a flowering wonderland. The iris cristata is reliably blooming again, with a bit of poison ivy mixed in. I am always 'going to' divide and transplant some of these to make room, since they are so tightly packed. Of course I still haven't done it.
A really good shot of the poison ivy mixed with the white blooms of candy tuft. These are growing in what we call the pond garden, which sounds lush, but has the hardest rocky clay. Nonetheless, some plants seem happy enough here, so I leave them alone.
Heuchera Bressingham white is almost white with hints of pink and green in the leaves. I keep hoping that this is the year it will really get big, like my other heuchera.

Celandine Poppy, a plant I would like to see in more gardens. I bought two plants and now I have nine. Self seeding in the nearly dark parts of my front bed. And then the big blooms of pink dogwood. This year we have only about 20 blooms, whereas last year there were hundreds on this tree. Our big white dogwood has NONE this year, while a wild one near the road is loaded. Never bloomed in the six years we've been here. Go figure.
Wild woodland anemones. Small white and delicate, they are scattered in the sunnier parts of the woods. Near them grow yellow and purple violets.
Dave takes advantage of the warm Spring sun to have a nap on the back deck. We lost our umbrella in a bad storm so I got a new one, which matches our lounge chairs.
The redbuds continue to amaze.

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  1. A lovely walk thru your garden. So refreshing!

  2. Beautiful Spring pictures! I love Dogwood... I am going to the nursery today, and will see what they have available so far. Still too early here to put in any new plants, but I'm getting my Greenhouse prepped to start growing veggies, so need some supplies for that. Any excuse to browse and plan!

  3. Mechelle8:39 AM

    Your yard is looking like a walk through a fancy nursery/garden - great job - beautiful!!!

  4. Beautiful! Your own little paradise.

  5. I love your garden shoots. I think you have inspired my own garden re-do!

    That's nice to hear about the dogwoods. I have one that only blooms sporadically, and I was blaming myself. I am going to replant it soon, and hope that a new location will make it happier!

  6. All that work has paid off, your garden is lovely. Thanks for the tour.

  7. You really have mad a lovely home.
    I wish you would come here and help me with my garden. lol

  8. Last week I had to drive down from the mountain to the foothills for a dental appointment. An hour drive, but absolutely amazing. The redbuds took my breath away, as do yours. The house is perfectly nestled in with its new coat of pale spring-like green. Love it all!

  9. How restful that looks. Your garden is a lovely wonderland...inspiring!

  10. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Your yard is so beautiful!! You live in Heaven! dt

  11. Anonymous3:56 PM

    that Heuchera is very interesting....there IS a cultivar called Bressinham White, it was introduced by Monrovia Nursery from Bressingham Hybrids material...and it is dark green with white flowers. I work at a nursery here in California and we have carried over 200 different Heuchs and I have never seen that. If you do a google search, the Monrovia offering is the only Bressingham White that shows up. Also, I cannot find ANY other oics of such an extremely variegated Heuchera... yours is the only picture I can find under various searches, (exteme variegation, white leaves, white variegation, etc) So I would love to hear more about where you got that and other may be gone now, since extreme variegates are relatively weak. Take care. I am at noodledog@earthlink if you care to chat.


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