Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Different Palette part Deux: UPDATE

I thought that I would be finished today, but I still have to find a creative solution to connect the twin quilted side panels. They were designed to 'line up' with the seams on the center panel, but alas the quilting (or quilt-ER) distorted the matching edges. Maybe only something the maker would be unhappy about, but not right for this design, imho. As it stands, it is now 60x41".
If I add narrow panels of patchwork, as connecting pieces, perhaps that will help hide the droop.
This is picture shows one of the 'off ' parts.
I have one more teeny problem. I am running out of darks. O dear.
On the other hand, when I return to the studio from a good night's rest, I am sure the solution will have come to me and I will be finished in no time. I love Quilt As You Go because I am (almost) already finished with the quilting.
I woke up with the solution, so simple and yet so good! I switched the left to the right and vice versa. Now things line up the way I wanted them to, and I can trim off the droop on the outside edges, making me much happier.
Yes, that's a lotta purple in one glob in the middle but not to worry, as there will be connecting strips that will break up the solid purple, and continue the theme of stripes running through solids. Yay!
If you weren't watching me make this, you would never know how it all got lost and found.


I was asked about the fabric on this quilt from the slideshow in the previous post. It is called Patched Pavement and the fabric is muslin painted with acrylic paints, making it more of a painted quilt. The painted parts are fused onto hand dyed cottons, and hand embroidered with hand dyed perle cotton, and machine quilted. I think it was from 1998 or thereabouts.


  1. My newest theme in my work is "imperfection".
    You are welcome to borrow it if you like.
    There's no quilt police in my house and I hope you don't have them there either!
    Big Sis

  2. Lovely quilt! I like the calm colors. What does the quilt look like if you turn the side panels upside down, maybe the "line up" issue will be no more.

  3. Well I know just how you feel because those tiny tiny imperfections drive me nutso as well! I can't wait to see your solution. Could you cut a faced window out of it...either with or without something behind it? Might work...

  4. Your solution to the problem was genius!!!!

  5. Clever clogs! Great solution. I always ignore the easy and go straight to the out there...often with dire consequences! Oh well...

  6. Clever solution and looks like it was planed that way. Nice that the lines line up. All that purple looks well balanced.


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