Tuesday, February 12, 2013

QAWM: Silk Composition 6

Silk Composition #6
Hand dyed silks and cottons, some commerical prints and plaids. Fused, machine quilted.
28x28" $350 Email me.
I rarely do fancy quilting anymore, but I couldn't resist doing some on the shiny, iridescent silks. I mean, it shows up so well here! FAQ, I don't mark the design, but I do sometimes use a sliver of soap to delineate the sections to be quilted, as in this bottom border. It keeps the design under control.
Another question: Where do I get these silks? The ones I have dyed come from Exotic Silks in CA and others I have picked up at Vogue Fabrics in Evanston IL and other places. I have collected a lot of silks and fused them, put them safely away and now after all these years, out they come, having seasoned long enough.
How do I decide what design to use? Duh, whatever comes to my memory as I look at the spot. I could  have looked up these designs, but part of the fun was digging them out of the inner recesses of the brain. Most of these came from doodling around. Straight line quilting was done with feed dogs up and the walking foot attachment. Nicer even stitching. The rest, feed dogs down and free motion foot on. Starting and stopping by just stitching in place.
Occasionally I get lost and whatever comes out I just go with it.
There is no binding on this yet, and actually, I think I will face it. So now to find some fabric that will match more or less the outer colors.

I did sign my name, but it turned out to be upside down in the final orientation. O well.
And the Flickr page is now up and ready to receive your QAWM projects. See this.

 Chester wonders when breakfast will be served.
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  1. LynneP11:07 AM

    Your quilting is beautiful!

  2. The colors of the silks are exquisite and your quilting is wonderful. Not only are the quilting designs interesting, but your stitches are so even. Do you use a stitch regulator or is that just natural ability and lots of practice?

  3. Lovely and love it! Looks like so much fun, too!
    Your pups are so sweet - what did you ever do without them?

  4. P.S. I am QAWM'ing away!

  5. Ann, I don't use a stitch regulator but have tried that item out on some Bernina's when I was teaching. I don't like them AT ALL. They get in the way of the speed changing that is necessary to get this type of quilting design accomplished.
    I have been machine quilting for. ever. lots of practice.

  6. Sigh!! A feast for the eyes. And my laugh for the day - upside down signature and your reaction. If that happened when I was younger I would have redone it. Now - it's que sera sera. I love that you feel the same way.

  7. Thanks for the Dawg pictures. My six year old grandson picks them out of each picture - "that's Chester and that's Chumley" and he's right! Gives me a few extra seconds to read your blog.


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