Saturday, February 23, 2013

Back to the Living

I am beginning to get over this bad bad cold, which had me in bed for days. I read a lot, drank a lot tea, and slept between coughing spasms, and now feel as though I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It may have been that 24 hour bug I had earlier this month that reduced my resistance, because I am usually never sick. Never say never. One good thing: Dave had the cold first and got over it sooner, and yesterday brought me lunch; Tomato bisque soup with grilled cheese. So delicious and heartwarming. His nursing improves!
If  I get out of bed, I may wander into the studio and see where I left off, but no promises. Funny how when you don't see your work you begin to think of other things you want to make and now I wonder if I will want to continue with the previous starts, or begin something new?
My dawgs kept me company all week, hogging the bed and snoring away. I am in deep dawg love. Yesterday Chumley went for a run in the mud and then jumped on my bed and got me and the covers all muddy. I had to strip the bed, change pjs and sweep the floors, before returning to a bed with clean sheets. His escapade may have turned the tide. Fresh bedding is so much healthier!
My reading materials were all detective stories, with lots of Robert B. Parker's Sunny Randall books. Very light and fun, comforting in their familiarity. And then I got into Jonathan Kellerman's Therapy which was very engrossing and a new author for me. I likey! Reading and snoozing made the misery less miserable.
Since we were both sick and had very little in the way of cold medicine in the house I resorted to Vicks under the nose. It still works.


  1. Brige9:07 AM

    Glad you are feeling better. Kellerman is a wonderful author. If you like Kellerman, try Patricia Cornwell but start with her earlier books (look up the dated order of her book titles online)

  2. She's b-a-a--a-a-ck! Welcome back to the land of the living, Sally. Nice that the boyz in the house all looked after you and brought you through.

  3. Glad you're on the mend. Take care.

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I too have spent nearly 12 days in bed - my doc said it was a viral chest infection (flu like) and that I will continue to cough for a few weeks yet - I only went back to work on wednesday.

  5. Good you're almost back again. It's nasty to have a cold, your head wants to move but your body says no. Anyway, now you get to read new books...

  6. I'm happy to hear you are on the mend and I'm looking forward to seeing what direction you take in the studio. And Vicks? The best stuff EVER!

  7. Cindy4:45 PM

    So glad you're on the mend..xx

  8. LynneP5:57 PM

    Glad you are feeling better.

  9. It's been very quiet without you. Glad to hear you're feeling better. The sickies are never nice.

  10. good to hear that you are beginning to feel better, so sorry to hear that you had such a bad cold. At least you had your dawggies to keep you extra warm!

  11. Good grief! I think your comments have been hijacked! But I am glad you are on the mend! I giggled at the tomato soup and grilled cheese... definitely took me back to my childhood when I would get sick, and the nice lady who took care of me while my mom was at work would make the very same thing! Be well, and hope you make it back to the studio soon!

  12. Too late now, but there's a Pinterest item regarding putting a rather thick layer of Vicks on the bottom of your feet and covering that with socks (not hand-knit). They claim the cough will stop in 5-15 mins and stay stopped for hours. Works 100% of the time. Better than cough suppressents, they claim.

    Kellerman manages to write a couple of books a year, pretty much uniformly good. The very best is Billy Straight. Try Robert Crais, in order would be good, but they get better and better.

  13. Yuk! Being unable to get out of bed is the pits...especially when the mind is willing. Every cloud has that silver lining though and what a joy to have time for uninterrupted reading. I hope your dawgs chase away those unwelcome bugs.

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  15. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Just learned something new about rubbing Vicks to the soles of your feet then putting on socks. It really helps for a bad cold. 72yrs old and I am still learning.


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