Thursday, December 13, 2012

O Yes!

Three coats of oil based paint have been applied and it is a semi-glossy finish, making the old stone look shiny and new.
Good thing, since there is no turning back now.
The floor still needs a few coats, but no ladder is required for that.

The fireplace surround is looking O, So much better now too, in white.

That dreary corner of the room will no longer be dreary and it got me thinking...
Dave had to leave midday and was gone for five hours, so while he was gone I got motivated and put away all my stuff, cleaning out space in the closet, and putting a bunch of stuff outside to go to the garage attic. It occured to me that my big studio space is more than I actually use, and now that Dave has put in the effort to make that other half super nice, why not turn that half into a family room, for TV watching?

I was thinking of getting the big TV out of the living room (and all its accompanying wires and cables) and bringing it into this room. The studio was originally an outdoor room (before we got the house) but was made part of the house later, with the adjoining door remaining a heavier weatherproof door. This means that it is more or less soundproof to the rest of the house.
If this half of the studio became a family room, the living room could be JUST a living room. Football games, and loud car chase movies could be segregated to this end of the house, watchable at anytime day or night. Yes!
When Dave came home I presented the idea to him and he likes it. O boy!
There will be some reconfiguring yet to do, to move the dvd/Netflix player and make sure it gets hooked up to work here, but it looks like we have a plan.

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  1. debby9:23 AM

    Wait a minute! Two dead mice and no explanation???
    I do love how you decide to make a major change and within days we see a completely different room! Amazing
    energy from both of you!

  2. Judy Morningstar9:38 AM

    You have to be the ONLY quilter I have ever heard of who is willingly giving up studio space! If it doesn't work out for you, you can rearrange it all over again in a flash.

  3. Hahaha! Those 'dead mousies' are the dawgs toys, and travel from room to room, like evidence!

  4. The new room is going to be GREAT! I would love to have a space like that...even with the dead mice! ;o)

  5. Jean S.12:06 PM

    That means that you will also have the TV in your studio. I don't think I could work with the distraction. It is nice to have the living room quiet though.

  6. Your blog is such a comfortable place! Your artwork is amazing, but I also love the way you talk about your dawgs, your home projects and your life.
    Love to visit your space!

  7. Anonymous4:16 AM

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  8. Anonymous4:16 AM

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  9. Anonymous4:16 AM

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  10. What a gorgeous picture, all that white and the bright, bright quilts. I'd just gasp for joy every time I went into that room!

  11. The fireplace looks fantastic in white! When we moved into our house we also painted our fireplace (bricks) white to match the trim that we painted throughout the house. It looks so much fresher than the old worn bricks did.


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