Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Laundry Adventure

Here's another before picture.

Readers of this blog know how often I put off doing the laundry, or stretch the event into a week long oft-delayed task. I am not alone. Dave does his own laundry and has enough underwear to put it off for a month. Then there are dozens of pairs of jeans and as many sweatshirts piled up in the hallway to make passage impossible.
When we moved here five years ago, we got a pair of lightweight laundry twins. By lightweight I mean not heavy duty. Since I was no longer a hand dyed factory worker doing ten loads a day, I figured an inexpensive washer would last me the rest of my life.
Not so fast.
First the lid hinge broke on the washer and then yesterday when I finally had gathered the enthusiasm to wash a bunch of waiting dirty items, the dial refused to work on the washer. That was it. I suppose it could have been repaired, but the repair would have cost about as much as the initial price tag, so out with the old and in with a new and better and cooler washer.
We jumped in Dave's new old car, the Expedition and zoomed off to Lowe's. I had prechosen my washer online, but changed my mind when we got there.
Can you fall in love with a washing machine? I did.
It has bells and whistles and a red lighted timer.
At the end of the load it plays a little tune.
I kid you not.
And of course it was ON SALE. The sale price made getting the extended service contract a no brainer.
I am not going to have to worry about anything breaking for (another) five years.
These days the high efficiency concept means that there is no agitator in the middle of the tub. I don't know what makes the clothes get clean but somehow they do. And quietly. So much more quietly.
The old washer had a dial that pulled out to select the cycle and pushed in to start, or something like that. One dial, and that was what broke. Now I have buttons and lights. Lots more possibilities for things to go wrong, but I still feel secure and kinda futuristic. You know what I'll be doing today.

What is this?
It is the drain in our pond. After several days and nights of rain, the pond is full to overflowing and the weather has gotten cold enough to freeze the water. The thin layer of ice melts by midday and returns overnight. It's clear enough that the fish are visible swimming very slowly below. Hello Winter.

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  1. How cool! A magic washer! Ours is leaking, so I get to choose a new one - hmm will have to consider a magic one:)
    Happy Holidays!

  2. My daughter got a new washer and dryer. It's a front loader and way larger than our front loader. It's all push button and quiet and her's plays a chime tune too.
    Got hers at Sears and the salesman even told us that if something is wrong with it, you can use your cell phone and put it up to the machine and they send a signal through the phone somehow to tell the repairman what the problem is. That way if any parts are needed they can bring the parts when they come, or if it's something simple they can maybe tell you what to do over the phone first. New technology is amazing!

  3. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Congratulations Melody! I don't want to be a wet blanket, did you ask if you can override the automatic settings??? I can't dye in my lovely now 2 year old, washer because it won't let me select a water level. It's great for just laundry, but I sure wish I had an old fashioned washer that will let me pick the water level, or at least override theirs. I emailed the company (Whirlpool) and was told "they don't recommend dyeing in their washer". Gail

  4. Gail, I never ever dyed fabric in my washing machine. There are much easier ways using much less water.

  5. About 3 years ago I bought a new laundry "set". Did tons of research and settled on a super-duper-wiz-wham GE duo that TALKS to each other!! I kid you not... once you choose the wash cycle/fabric type the washer weighs the load adjusts the water level, and wash/spin times and when the load is finished it sends the info to the dryer! I can adjust heat, time, but have not found the need. These guys are SMART! After all these years I can't believe that a washer and dryer can make me so happy!

  6. Congrats on the new laundry gadgets. I've discovered with a front-loader that you have to be very careful about letting the washer dry out after loads. Wipe the rubber seal dry and then let the door stay open for a bit ... something I didn't have to worry about with a top-loader.

  7. I have the Samsung Front Loader and have had it for 1 year now. I love it and have not had any problems with it. (no smell that many folks complain about with front loaders, etc). My water bill (monthly) dropped by $4.00 to $5.00 a month after getting my Samsung front loader. I also have the 5 year warranty on mine. My clothes come out very clean even with using less water.

  8. Wanted to tell you that I use the Quick wash - high spin - heavy soil - extra rinse - setting on mine (45 minute) and it gets everything clean. (warm/cold for darks and hot/cold for whites) - When I first got it I was doing the long load 1 hr 45 minutes because I was worried it would not clean well enough. Also I use the Purex HE liquid with mine and it really gets the clothes clean. I tried other soaps but prefer the Purex HE liquid the best (even over the more expensive brands)

  9. I have to laugh because looking at your old machine, it appears to be the same EXACT model I had. (I won't name it) But my (same as your old one) washer also died in less than 4 years and the Samsung FL washer was it's replacement. Enjoy your new washing machine!


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