Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Going to St. Elmo

I had been looking at resale shops and Craigslist for something to use as a buffet in our dining room. Something with lots of drawers. I love shelves, but I love drawers more. I found this Hemnes chest in Craigslist and having two other versions of this article, I already knew it was destined for me.
The ad said, Why go all the way to IKEA, and still have to assemble the chest when you got it home?
I completely understood...A new one is $299, plus the gas to get to Atlanta from here and this one was only $250...ASSEMBLED. And it came with a white glass top, which was not included at IKEA so I was hooked.

I have the white version in my room and Dave has the red one in his. This picture is from a few years ago when we had the orange living room.
My adventure began when I got into my car and the battery was dead. Dave was out with the truck so I had to wait for his return. This battery problem has been reoccuring recently, grrrr, and with all the other stuff Dave is up to, it is low down on his list.
Eventually he returned and we jumped my van and all was well, and I was off to St. Elmo, an historic district on the very southern edge of Chattanooga, by Lookout Mountain. I had never been to the area and had my Google map at the ready.
This house was my destination. The area is full of Victorian homes and mansions, full of character and some are being restored to their former glory. I could have spent hours wandering around the village, if I had the time.
The young gal selling the chest had all the drawers out and we easily loaded it and the drawers into my van, and I got to meet her three dogs, a cat and the pond goldfish. I shook her hand and was off...I thought. Dead battery again. Wha? I guess it was too much to use the clicker to open the tailgate and side doors electronically. Duh. I had the jumper cables with me, thankfully but neither of us were confident about hooking them up, especially after I got sparks on my first attempt. But as luck would have it (I was praying OUT LOUD) the mailman was driving by, and I ran to get his help.
Of course I was attaching the cables incorrectly, but he remedied that situation and all was well.
I was low on gas and afraid to stop and turn off the engine so I chanced it all the way to Signal Mountain, where I stopped at the Three Black Sheep for a visit and to pick up some fabric for the quilt I will be making for my upcoming class.. Fingers crossed, I had turned off the radio, the heater and unplugged the cell phone charger so no more drain on the battery and parked my van in an easy to reach spot, in case another jump would be needed. 
But it started! Yay!!
You know, in the olden days, between husbands, I always had car trouble and learned to jump correctly, and had to change flat tires on my own, several times. I have gotten really lazy and dependent I guess. Shame on me.
Anyway, I love how the chest fits into the dining room and now I have STORAGE for more quilts!

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  1. Hi Melody, I absolutely love St. Elmo. We go to the Neighborhood Yard Sale they have over Memorial Day each year. Sometimes I find really good buys, sometimes not, but I am never disappointed in my walk "back in time" as I stroll that neighborhood. I ama "local" and I remember St. Elmo when she was in her prime. Glad you found the nice chest. Sorry about the car probs. I, too, was single and able bodied until I remarried. Now? not so much. LOL

  2. Wonderful story! Sorry about the car trouble though - in Yorkshire (UK) where my family are from, we have an expression which seems appropriate to the skills failure when there is someone else (ie husband) to do it for you - 'You don't keep a dog and bark yourself' :-D Best wishes k3n x

  3. Ooh but how I love the red drawers...AND the new cabinet too. Loved reading the car story. I am useless when it comes to electrics...but I can change a tyre. My faith that my car loves me and will keep going might be misplaced...
    I am in New Zealand and have only recently found your site. The colours make me happy!

  4. There are some uses for a husband! I was going to be naughty and say that a passing mailman could be of the same use, but that wouldn't be lady-like.

  5. Most places will put the battery in for you for free when you buy it from them. Check Walmart, O Reillys, Auto Zone, etc. - Love the Ikea buffet. So angry that a small down in Kansas is getting a Ikea (just outside the Kansas City MO state line) but St. Louis, MO is STILL not on the list to get one. It's just crazy. (I loved your orange walls!)

  6. I have found that the drain from a phone charger is enough to ruin a battery that is getting a little old. We had problems with one battery and after we had to replace it, I realized it died too soon all because I kept the phone charger plugged in all the time and it just drained it dry! When you turn off your vehicle and still see a little light on the battery, it is draining!
    Good luck.



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