Monday, September 17, 2012

Updating Indoors

While Dave is painting the outside of the house brandy-new, I turned my attention to the interiors, my bailiwick. I wanted to make the living/dining room more inviting and not so spare and dawg-centric. Essentially it has to look like people live there, comfortably, and it just didn't.
So I decided to move the bookcases out of the bubble tub room and make a library wall. I used a wheeled dolly to load and unload the books and that made it fewer back and forth steps, and while I was at it, I found lots of stuff that had been stuck inbetween books or magazines that could be tossed. The fancy glassware got washed and polished and is now on display, collecting and reflecting light. 

The Matchstick Moon quilts are now on display, and they seem to have all the necessary colors to coordinate with the room.
I found this box which was holding a redundant sewing kit, and I thought it would work to corral the four remotes we have. Neat!

We brought the big ol' dining room table in from the garage and set up a  coffee/tea bar (it travels from room to room) and for two days in a row we've had our morning coffee together instead of separately which is so nice.
The sofa separates the two functions of the big room and yet allows a flow through view.
It is supposed to get darn cold tomorrow night ( 36 degrees!) and is already raining steadily, a sure sign of approaching autumn, one of the most beautiful times of the year here on the mountain.
Our guests arrive tomorrow, so no doubt we won't be out on the deck in the cold, rainy weather.
On Friday I purchased this gorgeous skein of Madelaine Tosh Pashmina and thought I would dye some of my new merino to match.  Mine are the two wound up ones. Close, but since the Pashmina has a twist and my merino is spun as a single, it was never gonna be exact. Love this gorgeous blue.

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  1. Уютно и всё продумано до мелочей. Ярко и позитивно.

  2. Beautiful yarn! Enjoy your company and your man who paints!

  3. Oh very cosy and inviting! I do like the quilt on the arm of the sofa. BTW you look really happy in the previous post.

  4. That yarn happens to be the same color as the tshirt I had stained all up and asked your advise about destaining! Btw, it worked! Well, mostly. I may try again....
    House looks great! Have fun!

  5. So fresh and colourful...looks great.

  6. It sure looks inviting, so funny to see the Senseo coffee machine in your room. I used to work at the coffee company the time it was designed and produced here in the Netherlands... ;-)

  7. It is all beautiful and inviting. I bet the room will feel like spring even in the dead of winter.

  8. If you hadn't been an artist you would have made a drop-dead decorator. You are always painting and changing things around in a new way. Got a kick out of your saying that the Matchstick quilts had just the colors to go with your room! Can you iimagine a color scheme they wouldn't go with- beautifully? ; )

  9. I love your rearrangement of your room, especially the bookcases around the fireplace.
    Beautiful yarn!
    Have a fun week!

  10. Your library is fab. It is fun to see you you arrange and rearrange your house and your art. I have a crazy question. Do you happen to know what color blue paint is on the wall? I would love to buy that color. I know I can go in and guess at something close.

    Yes, the blue yarn is dreamy. Love, love it.

  11. Looks great - the yarn and the room!

  12. I love the updated room, Melody. It's so colorful and welcoming and happy. Our guest room is a similar color with seashells, pictures of Austrailia and lots of color along with two large maps, one of the US and one of the world where we've "pinned" where each of us has been lucky enough to visit. I just love your new look.

  13. Anonymous11:30 AM

    The inside looks great! I hope you will post pictures of the outside as well. I love the transformation.
    Rhonda M.


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