Monday, September 10, 2012

The Skinny Rules

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I decided to get serious again about my diet. It was the basil and wine that got me off course. Basil? Well, you gotta make pesto and pasta and there I went, down the rabbit hole. And then came the caprese salad, and guacamole and beer and ice cream with chocolate sauce, and all my weight loss disappeared. Dumb.
So then I saw this set of rules on Pinterest, and I thought...yes, I can do this.
Rule by rule:
1. Haven't done this, will start today.
2. Drinking my calories! What a concept and so easy to cease and desist.
3. I do know that protein stops hunger and this REALLY works. If I have two eggs for breakfast I don't eat again until like 4 pm. Seriously.
4. I gotta have my bran flakes.
5.OK see above
6. I bought a big bag of apples, and between you and me, they really regulate the ol' digestion. I eat dried cranberris and dried cherries on my branflakes.
7. No carbs, no problem.
8. Labels: everything and I mean everything has sugar added or mucho salt or both.
9. I have a digital kitchen scale. Cuisinart.
10. I have given up my Equal. Drinking decaf tea and decaf coffee without it. I can do it.
11. No potatoes, no problem
12. No meat no problem, I do cheese instead, or beans
13. hahahaha. There is no fast food within 20 miles of my house. And I have been bringing lunch when I lunch with my sister, weekly.
14. See #4.
15. Of course. Since I stay home most days, this is the way it is.
16. No chips, or buttered popcorn. And I don't eat popcorn without the butter.
17. Every day I eat the veg.
18. I don't get hungry, so this is hard to do.
19. Sleep right. That's a whole 'nother story. Without the wine or caffeine I would sleep all night but I gotta wake up for pill time with Dave.
20. Meal splurge? What's that? Pesto and pasta? ha!

Most of this stuff is already my habit. But then you think, what does she eat? Two meals a day, breakfast is bran flakes with the berries as mentioned, and lunch is later with lots of goodies, like tomatoes, walnuts, olives, cheese (protein) and 4 oz of meat. I recently decided to try canned chicken. Sounds disgusting but it is sooooo good.

I do half a can per salad, and it is big chunks of chicken, so I am really eating something. I used to buy rotisserie chickens, which have lots more on them, and yet half of it never got eaten, since Dave is not able to eat much protein or his meds don't work. Actually, I am not feeding Dave, as he eats 10 meals a day mostly after 10pm.
So if I stay away from the wine and beer, I am destined to lose the weight.


  1. I recently talked to someone who claimed to have lost 40 pounds by cutting out soda. She drank a lot of it.

    Good luck. You will be back on track in no time.

  2. As someone who gave up wheat (pasta bread etc) and sugar about 18 months ago I can honestly say --you CAN NOT eat the bran flakes. Just a bowl will screw up the entire diet and make you crave sugar for hours after. And no milk. You will have to eat the cereal with cream or heavy cream or full fat yogurt.

    Breakfast at the beginning was three or four eggs, bacon or sausage and tomato or avocado and a slice of cheese. It worked. I wasn't hungry again until 1 or 2 (I had breakfast at 6:30)

    No Fat Free anything.

    You actually need to eat the entire can of chicken on your salad. And you might need to eat two cans.

    Cheese has fat but not enough protein.
    Beans are high carb so I can't EVER eat them.

    The only vegetables with low carb are the ones that grow above ground.

    I stopped losing weight pretty quickly because I insisted on eating cereal for breakfast.

    While I didn't lose weight--I haven't gained any weight in the past 12 months. That is a significant thing that you realize after regaining the weight you lost. It is harder and harder to lose the same pounds over and over. Your body starts to figure out what you are trying to do and it won't budge. That's where I am now, riding out a stall. Waiting for my body to start losing again.

    And this doesn't mean I don't see changes in my body composition. My clothes fit differently. MY scale broke months ago and I never replaced it--going by how my clothing fits. I used to hang dry my pants so they would fit after washing--now they go in the dryer and are still loose. I am wearing clothes that fit when I weighed 20 pounds less than I think I weigh now. I have muscle definition due to the amount of meat I eat. I feel healthy and strong.

    And the BIGGEST reason I stay true to low carb/high fat? I have absolutely no food cravings. I can sit next to bread and cake and have no interest in eating either. Last night I dreamt I bit into a biscuit and I woke up gagging and spitting.

  3. I think I will listen to JoanneS and eat eggs for breakfast with an apple which will serve me well for fiber. Good advice.

  4. hi Mel!
    the canned{or foil pack} wild caught pink salmon isn't too bad either...

  5. ps there is gluten free cereal [amazon has it if your grocery doesn't]
    and there is always soy milk or almond milk

  6. Good for you, try tuna for a change, that's lovely too. Good luck.


  7. I think body chemistry is different for every body, and that's what makes it so hard to lose weight. Our diets have to be intune with our chemistry. Good Luck, Melody!

  8. The thing that helped me the most was a decision to move about more. That ought to be one of the rules, to be honest. I got a little dog and I walk him with him 2 or 3x a day, rain or shine, even though I have got a huge garden and could just sit on my (too big) butt and chuck balls while he did the moving. It is amazing what a difference it has made, and I haven't given up anything except alcohol. So, I really recommend it: move about more. You don't have to go jogging or anything silly (the idea of a gym brings me out in hives), just maybe walk the doggies more?

  9. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Go vegetarian, no meat or fish, gluten free, no nightshades, and alcohol rarely. I have been vegetarian for 20 years, now have food allergies and have limited choices. But hunger goes away. A little boring, but I feel great, no joint pain, stomachaches or headaches. And only problem with weight is getting enough to eat.

  10. Two things I have done this past year have helped me to shed 40 pounds: count my calories and stay between 1200-1400 a day, and increase my activities. I log in to, log it all, have a great support group of other gals in my age group to cheer me on, and vice-versa. I just had to wrap my mind around the concept that I will always need to track what I eat... geez! My hubby tracks his blood sugar 4 times a day and his insulin, so what have I got to complain about! Best of luck to you whichever way you go!

  11. Hmm, I really don't like go to bed hungry. It's a recipe for needing an early morning snack for me....
    And LOL - I'm amused by apples regulating the ol' digestion... my sisters and I can't eat more than half an apple a day (without the skin) or we have some serious, ahem, regulation going on.... What's worked best for me is reducing sugar as much as I can and reducing empty carbs.

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