Saturday, September 08, 2012

Alligator Wrangling Contest Winner

Yesterday I received this great email from Dahn of the Yukon. She is a reader of this blog and for whom I once knit socks. I love what she made and how she described it, and wanted to share this with you. I got her permission.

Hello Melody—I decided to email you and give praise where praise is due. I have loved reading and learning your technique for QAYG, so I gave it a “go” when I made a recent wedding quilt. I had dreaded finishing the quilt because I quilt in 2 sizes—baby quilt and monster quilt. The big quilts HAVE to be big enough to fit on a king bed AND hang over the sides, so they are usually 100” x 120”.  After I finished the last one, I won the local alligator wrangling contest due mostly to my enormous humerus and biceps muscles. So angels sang, unicorns danced and rainbows glistened when I realized your technique of QAYG would be perfect for my quilt.
Here is the finished quilt. I was really pleased that I didn’t add a garden this year, because look at how well the weeds greens looked as a backdrop to the quilt! 

As an aside, in my QAYG version, I did each block individually. What a laugh riot that was. For this one, the sashing became the attachment piece, and I cut 4.25” pieces, folded that in half for a finished 2” sashing. It was only when I added the very last end block did I realize that I could have attached each row as QAYG instead of each individual block, and would have saved about  3 months of sewing time (well a few hours anyway). Lesson learned. And next time I will do the reverse attachment so the backside has the ‘bumps’. You know what I mean…

What a long and probably rambling email. I just wanted to show you how I did QAYG based solely on your directions. Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!! 

If this is worthy of comment on your blog, I have no problems with you adding anything from this email. Please do!

Dahn Casselman

Isn't that amazing? Do you have a QAYG story to send me? Please do. Email Me.


  1. Dahn's quilt is so beautiful. You are so nice to share all kinds of things with your readers Melody.

  2. You, Mel, are a very good teacher and Dahn is a very good student. Her quilt is lovely, as are yours.

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  4. Hi Melody.....Thought you might enjoy this. I used the QAYG method to attach panels to a central motif on a small quilt I entered in a show. Judges comment: flanges are an even width. Well, I have to admit I dove into the dictionary to get the exact definition of this one. "Use to attach to another object" was what I found. Who knew that what we are doing has such a high falutin' name ?

  5. My friend Dahn is raving about your QAYG process. Her quilt certainly turned out beautiful!

  6. It is amazing and how nice it is to have inspired someone else. I love the quilt!

  7. What a gorgeous quilt and thank you both for sharing :) I LOVE QAYG method and use it all the time to make small, medium, and large quilts :)

  8. Thanks Mel for showing my quilt-what an honour. :-)


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