Sunday, July 29, 2012


That's not a misspelling, I meant complementary color, as in opposites on the color wheel.
On Friday I dropped in at Three Black Sheep Shoppe to hang out and knit with my friends. Diana, the store owner, brought out this Malabrigo Finito gold-green merino yarn and as a group we decided that it needed to be paired with its opposite (purple) for maximum effect. Although the color looks blue here, it is purple in real life. Then she found a combination of the two colors dyed in this same yarn and I volunteered (heh heh heh) to knit up a sample scarf in these yarns, for display.  Oh boy! I could hardly wait to get started.

A pattern was suggested, but I declined, and suggested another one, and then changed my mind to a different idea once I got started knitting. This is fingering weight yarn and should be knit with about a size 3 to 6 needle. I began with a size4 and decided that the yarn wasn't showing as well as it could, so I unknit my start and made the decision to use the yarn doubled. Now I could see that the colors would work together much better with two strands. Did I ask permission to do this? Nope.  I hope no one is disappointed with my choice.
The design is a simple one with four sets of increases on every right side row. At the beginning and end of each row I used k1fb and at the center I did a simple m1, k2, m1 which makes a much smaller hole than a yarn over. The bigger eyelets in the pattern are yarn overs +k2tog.

I changed from garter to seed, to stockinette at whim, and inserted the eyelet rows whenever it looked like it would be effective.
At times I used one strand of variegated plus one of solid, and then switched to two solid or two varigated. This made for a fun knitting experience. Size 7 needles.
Malabrigo makes the most delicious yarns with plenty of spring and softness.  Sigh.

 Stitched Landscape
Acrylic, with collage, paint pens and ink. 8x8x1" $100 Email me.

Sharing the soft spot in the sun...Chester poses while Chumley snores away.

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  1. All gorgeous! - knitting and artwork. I love your colour choices - specially complementary colours which I also have a passion for.

  2. Janet in Portland12:08 PM

    I can not get over how fast you knit, I made a scarf like yours for my daughter it took a month of knitting every afternoon..

  3. I love your creations, but.... do you ever sleep?

  4. Long time so see/read...but I still fall in love all over once again when I visit here at your post. The babies are so cute! Peace, Mary helen Fernandez Stewart


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