Friday, July 27, 2012

Clear the Decks

It's great to have a studio where I can make a mess, close the door and not bother anyone. But then, somehow the mess gets worse the next day and then the next day it is impossible to get anything done because piles of stuff are hiding the very thing I need. Grr.
So it was clean up and get organized or else!

Here are my princes, Chester and Chumley on their favorite resting spots.
For once Chester doesn't look like the world's saddest dawg.
And Chumley's eyes are open, just so dark against his face that they can't be seen.

I had a six foot folding table in there before, which I removed, and condensed everything onto my sewing table (gasp! no sewing for the near future) and that worked out perfectly. I put that table on bedrisers and it is now the same height as my drawing table. Both are covered with plastic shower curtains, because I make a painty mess. It looks like an awful lot of tools and materials on that table, but now that I dug it all out of storage, I don't have a  handier spot to put it. Mixed media takes a lot of stuff.
The fabric shelves are now the Canvas Corner, but I did keep a space open to get at the sewing machine and serger, should I need to stitch up something.

There was a lot of washing and vacuuming to get this room ship shape, and for my reward, a little knitting and watching more episodes of Breaking Bad. Feet up, needles clicking...peace and cleanliness.

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  1. Прекрасная студия! Всё красиво оформлено. Новых идей и творческого подъема! Очень хорошие помощники, и знают свои места.

  2. We need tobe flexible to follow our muse. Your studio is lovely and looks like such an inspiring place to work!

  3. Your studio is beautiful. I would love to work in it. Cozy and inviting and full of color!

  4. I need to do this, too. So out of control!

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  6. I love how clean your studio looks. It's a good way to guilt me into organizing the sewing room. My problem is this: Just one more, I say, and merrily start something else.

    Breaking Bad is a good way to pass the time while knitting. I'm on Team Jesse.


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