Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Charting New Territory

I am trying to teach myself how to read a knitting chart and make the stitches in the diagram. It is not so easy. I have a magnetic board and a magnet, so I can line it up on the row I am knitting, which should make it work, but I still manage to lose my place. This pattern is free on Ravelry

The lovely gray knit is what I am attempting, and the yellow swatch is the result. I think I did this one right...finally, and I have included it in my current sweater. (not ready for prime time).
This lovely leaf lace design is a pattern I actually bought. So unlike me. In the process of deciding to spend the measly $4 for the shawl pattern, of which this stitch design is a part, I spent $37 on two stitch books hoping to find it there first.
Does that make any sense at all? Nope.
I thought this would make a great border on the hem of a sweater, but  when I knit it, I discovered that it loses 20 stitches at the top from the amount cast on. I tried increasing again to the original stitch count (at the top) to try and make it work out, but it looks stinky. I haven't given up permanently, yet.

This was another of my learning swatches, from a book I already had. It was originally written in French and translated into English and something is missing in the translation. Still, I managed to get this far, two repeats.
Even tho there was some frustration learning this new process, I feel it was worth it. There are so many more things I can do if I can follow the charts.

After trying these out, I went back to familiar patterns that require far less attention. I have used these before in other projects and felt more confident as I knit along.
However, I still made a big goof in the center Trinity Stitch panel, and will be taking this start to the frog pond.

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  1. Gotta love the learning process.

  2. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Hi Melody,
    to me, your green swatch looks ok. When you look closer to the pattern, you can see that the gartstitch at the beginning goes up and down (and not straight), so it is longer than on the top and to get the correct size, you will have to have less stitches.
    Ingrid from Germany

  3. The leaf stitch swatch is very pretty!

  4. My first attempt at charts was a pattern that required a
    Total of 5 charts. What an egg head to start with something so large. I could follow if there were no distractions, if the phone wrang I was lost. I can see where they would be very usefull. Reading from right to left is a little tricky for my brain, and bottom to top.

  5. Glad I am not alone trying to follow knitting charts. I have done some easy ones just fine. Sometimes I take the time to write out each row/round on paper and knit from words of what to do rather than from a chart. It seems to work better for my brain. Still I seem to make a goof here and there too and so hard to correct those mistakes when there are lots of yarn overs all over the place. I do spend a lot of time ripping out too. I've ripped out entire sweaters because of a mistake or they didn't look good or fit me right. At least with knitting mistakes I can use the yarn again, unlike quilting mistakes where you need to buy more fabric.


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