Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Kitchen Abdication

Back in January Dave and I decided that I would stop cooking for him. He needs to eat at specific intervals, in order for his meds to work correctly and I needed to eat a different diet, and what we had been doing for over 30 years, just wasn't working anymore.
OK we have now adjusted.
My diet: Breakfast: Cereal, Lunch:  Big Salad, Dinner: Apple
His Diet: Bread, Toast, Buns, Pasta, Rice, Potatoes, PB&J, bananas, Ramen soup, beans, very little meat and more starch.
Since he was in the kitchen so much of the day and night, he felt that he needed to adapt the place to his needs, so he began to reorganize EVERYTHING.
I had no idea how thorough he was going to be. When I came home from a day out at knitting, the whole place was changed.

He wanted the spices at his finger tips, so the biggest shelves in the kitchen are now devoted to some really old and need to be tossed out spices. But if it makes him happy, then I am happy too.


  1. Only you, Melody, would have the fortitude to show the insides of your cupboards and drawers! I'm impressed.

  2. My hubby and I eat breakfast and lunch on our own, then I cook dinner, and he cooks his evening snack. But he has never tried to reorganize the kitchen... that would take effort! But the eating arrangement works for us, as we eat at different times except for dinner. And I'm seeing that your eating changes are definitely helping you to take off weight! Good for you both that you have been able to make changes that work for you!

  3. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Look at THAT ! No extra anything in any of the spaces.... Let me go pick and drawer in my kitchen and see if I can make it look like YOURS...

    I am ahead of you on the spices as I tossed a hundred of out dated jars of spices.. did not miss a one !

  4. My husband does most of the cooking now too, but because he enjoys it and it gives him something to do. He had reorganized the kitchen too for himelf a few years ago as well. Like you said whatever makes them happy.

  5. I got a huge laugh out of this! Roy used to constantly rearrange things--in the kitchen, bedroom, garage, shop. But he didn't always have the ability to finish something he had started, so I would walk into the kitchen to find everything from a drawer or cabinet out on the countertop and try not to go ballistic! His reasoning was "to make things easier to find." Meaning what he wanted was supposed to be front, center, top of wherever he was looking. Always a joke to think something was where you last saw it......Martha Ginn

  6. I spent an entire day, recently, cleaning out a walk in pantry. I have yet to get to the spice drawer though. Have either of you guys spoken to a nutritionist? I see a severe lack of protein in your diets.

  7. Well, at least you still have a cork screw handy!!!

  8. Lots of fun with treasure hunting in your own kitchen!
    Kind regards, Pauline


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