Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Shots

OK here I am modeling my latest knit, Peggy Sue, the only pattern I have faithfully followed this century. New haircut too. Then there is a started garment which I already frogged. I thought I had a good idea, but I changed my mind. Unknitting doesn't bother me...much. But now looking at it again, I think I could change a few things and redo this into something I would like. We'll see.

Every Spring my Brunnera sets out a ton of blue blossoms, which just glow, and I try and try to blog the color and it never quite matches how glorious they are. Here's my latest attempt.
And as mentioned (don't I repeat myself?) my pink dogwood is making me so happy. Sigh.
I am starting to plant things...ten Stargazer lilies in pots, so the voles can't steal the bulbs. We have a bunch of pots with big starts from last year, so I am confident that this is a good idea. We move the pots into view when they start blooming and then banish them after the blooms have dropped. Better than looking at the bare stems in the middle of a flower bed.
I also planted a dozen Japanese Iris bulbs. Those are in the front bed, which I sorta cleared out last fall for new plants. All the hydrangea that I planted last year are leafing out and some already have green flower buds. So happy!
My sister asked me to make up a pot of basil for her and they sprouted in a week, so what am I waiting for? I like to presprout my seeds on a damp paper towel and then when I see the first white shoots, I pot them up in peat pots. I also toss seeds directly into the ground, but I noticed that individual plants with space to grow, produce much bigger leafier plants, so my plan is to give them the necessary room and I'll have a better harvest.

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  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    i like the one you made love from Denmark

  2. Beth in TN9:29 AM

    I really like that sweater and lavender is a great color on you!

  3. Love the sweater. It looks good on you and the color is a compliment to your coloring...nice job :)

  4. The dogwood is gorgeous! My Japanese cherry tree is in full bloom. We are way ahead of blooming schedule this year.

  5. Hi Melody, You are looking sooo!! good in that lavendar sweater. It has you glowing. This is a good color for you. Wish it was mine.

  6. Anonymous2:05 PM


    LOVE the sweater. You make it look even more fabulous!

    I'm also in love with the pink dogwood. So pretty.


  7. You look great! You are such an inspiration.

  8. Ahhh, wish I had some space left in my (small) garden to plant a dogwood like that! (or even a white one would be fine ...)

  9. mmmmm....I'm loving that lavendar sweater! It looks great on you - it's a good color for you.


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