Monday, March 12, 2012

A Little Froggy Today

I got lucky and had a chance to photograph one of our immense and LOUD frogs. We have about seven of these bulls and they will make a racket once it gets warm enough to think of romance.
I cannot help myself when it comes to taking pictures of our fish. They come when they see us and wait to be fed, which is just what I wanted when we put in our first goldies. As you can see they thrived. Lots of different colored ones appeared too, including all white, half white-half orange, and black and orange.
We feed them catfish chow pellets and the big ones can gulp them down, but the fry must only nibble until they soften enough to bite.
Watching fish swim is so relaxing. And at this time of year the water is so clear and inviting, but of course we never venture in. The dawgs will though.

I expected to be sewing all weekend, but my fabric won't arrive til this afternoon, so I finished my cardigan instead, even wet blocking it into submission as well.

Pinned ImageThis was my target design, and I wanted to make the pockets but ran out of yarn. I may try again with different yarn. I love the way the current one fits. So roomy and cuddly.
My sweater was derived from this pattern but the translation from the French was so difficult (for me) to follow that I resorted to my experience of making other raglan cardigans. Close enough. The yarn is Lion Brand Amazing, wool/acrylic and was wonderful to knit on size 8 needles.

The Dawgs are so happy to have free run in the yard, since the fencing extends to almost the whole property. But they stand at the pond dam wall on guard, barking occasionally at the loud log trucks.
One more fishy picture and then I'll quit...

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  1. LOVE the frog. And the curly dog tails!

  2. It's great to see other peoples spring pics! We have to wait a bit longer here as we're still buried under snow with more expected over the next 2 days.
    I love the sweater!

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing it all.

  4. Love the fishy pics. They are relaxing, even from my computer reader vantage point. And the colors are inspiring.

  5. Thank you for this fishy/froggy/doggy pics! They make me hopeful for spring here in Colorado! You really have quite a fish herd now.

  6. Lovely- just all of it

  7. I love the fishy pictures! There's a quilt right there!

  8. Love the frog. Love the sweater. Love the fish.

    I have seen coy in a pond but not the Goldies. Your school of them is excellent! They contrast against the turquoise water so brilliantly.

  9. LynneP12:54 PM

    The color in the fish pictures (especially the final one)is spectacular. Energizing for me.

  10. Fish that come when called? How fun! (Could you pre wetten some for the fry?)

  11. Deb from Kingston5:27 PM

    Way cool sweater!!!!!! Listen- if you have trrouble with a French pattern, let me know- I can translate for you!

  12. Never think you post too many photos! I love them. I can't believe even your pond is "Melody colors"!

  13. Kristen L9:05 PM

    I love your fish pond. Do you just let them be - or will you have to 'thin the heard' at some point?? It is amazing to see how they've multiplied over the years.

  14. Lsallen13:16 PM

    Where can I find directions for the sweater?


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