Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Start and a Finish

I took a day off from QAWM and finished my 2nd Knitalong Sweater. This time I actually pretty much followed the pattern directions, except for a few things. I made the armhole bigger and then of course had to add more sleeve stitches, and as you can see, I was right to make those changes.
Doing a knitalong at the same time as a quiltalong is confusing as to where to put my priorities. I am not good at multi-tasking. So now that I finished this garment, and Dave moved his ladders and painting stuff out, I began to reclaim my studio. Sweeping, decluttering, rearranging, eliminating, having a cuppa...

I thought I would put away the fused fabric and bring out the unfused for a quilt as you go project, but as I gathered the fused, I found an old set of tiny blocks. Hmmm. These could be the start of larger blocks, and since I was feeling the upcoming Valentines Day, I thought, how about pink? That did it! Now my excitement level is raised and I will make some more pink and toss in some greens (in anticipation of Spring) and have a new wall quilt for my girly pink bedroom. YAY!

Yesterday I got an email asking if there was a Flickr page for the new QAWM 2012 pictures, which there is, and when I went to retrieve the url, I saw a big bunch of FOs! I haven't even posted mine, shame on me. Take a look here:

And one more thing....last night it snowed and now we have Good QAWM weather. Stay indoors and quilt!



  1. Looks like you finished the sweater just in time for the cold.

  2. With the temps here dropping steadily since I woke up, i wouldn't be surprised to see snow later today. Brrr...let's get to quilting!

  3. Those little squares are really colorful and cute. I'm so excited that I am learning to knit so I can understand your knitting talk. Always crocheted and wove but never knitted!

  4. That swweater is really showing off your girlish figure. Looking great!

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