Saturday, February 18, 2012


While waiting for our brand new and improved water pump to be installed (finished at 3PM) I cleaned up my studio, putting away all my fused fabric. Running water from the tap is such a good thing.

I will quilt In the Pink later. I did add the last border, and it will reside on the design wall until after the Quilt As You Go quilt is constructed.

Now it is time to start the Quilt As You Go quilt, which means I must make some hard choices.
My table didn't have room for my dark prints. Those are heavy into purples, blues, and blacks. Great for contrast, should the need arise.
But I have so many untouched fabrics, and some are over a year old, and just waiting for this moment.  Arrgghh! What to pick?

I am still in the pastel mode, and looking at the set of aqua and yellows, all never or rarely used, makes me think this could be really a different look for me.
But you know, once I start, any and all of my decision could change.
Good thing I don't have more choices, or I might never get started. The lavender must be included, and of course I have to use lime green and pink somehow too.

I plan to start in the middle. I think half square triangles will be the constant and I will be building rounds of simple unpieced borders. The main top will be rectangular, as this will be a twin bed quilt.

I have been knitting too, and finished this Summer Cardi, cotton/acrylic with mother of pearl buttons.
Currently knitting a plain v-neck vest for Dave, who actually asked for one.
Have a great weekend.

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  1. I love your summer card--especially cause it has raglan sleeves. (Oh--and I'm lusting after your fabrics also...) But is the sweater an original or is there a pattern?

  2. Looking forward to the QAYG. I made a couple and loved it. Also used that method on a kindle holder and book cover.

  3. Ooh, what a luscious array of colors and patterns! It's going to be so pretty!
    I've never seen anyone knit as fast as you either. I just knit to pass the time while I'm watching TV which isn't that much. Often it's an hour at (pm and sometimes I'm too tired by then to lift the needles.

  4. Oooh, what a pretty runway of fabrics. You're making my fingers itch!

  5. Hi Melody, I'm a new quilter and I find your work so inspiring. I love all the vibrant colors that you work with. I hope that I can make beautiful quilts like ou one day.

  6. Those fabrics are delicious! When I go shopping, I don't find that many interesting ones that go together as well as yours do. I guess I need to be a more serious collector - LOL!

  7. Beautiful fabrics you have to choose from! Thanks for your answer about the batiks and fusing. I do so love the color variations in the batiks but will use them some other way.

    I'm linking to your post on December 17 that includes the Lime Cheesecake Bars. I tried the recipe this week and love it! The bars were for my Garden Club and two members wanted the recipe. I have the feeling those bars will be showing up at meetings all over town!

  8. Ooh what wonderful fabrics - makes me want to go and sort through my stash for some brights and start a new quilt!!

  9. I would love to shop for fabric at your house! I love your taste! Plus I could probably learn 1 or 2 things from you! LOL, at least 1, or 2 things!

  10. I forgot to say, I am so glad you got a companion for your Pug. I started with 1 Puggle, and picked out a girl Puggle, that I fell in love with, she was the first dog I ever picked out and got since she was a baby. They are inseparable. We now have 3 Puggles, and the third was definitely not planned, she is a 6 month old baby, and needed a home, I never thought I would see another one since we moved to GA. and then there she was. She only lived 5 minutes from us, and needed I home, so I guess she was meant to be our dog. She is inseparable now with my girl. Sorry for the long winded response. No more puppies for us, but the next one if there is a next one will be a Pug or another Puggle. I love Pugs!
    Have a great week Melody!
    Thank You for sharing your ART with us! I enjoy your blog every day!


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