Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quilt Along with Melody Q&A

Hi Melody:
    I am writing with some questions about the QAWM starting February 1st - I'm sure the answers are somewhere in your blog but I've not been able to find them, so apologies for asking to repeat.

O, no apologies needed, as I was waiting until the last minute, January 31, to post the plans, which are very sketchy plans so far...

A little preamble: This will be the third year of Quilt Along With Melody, and originally it was an effort on my part to use up the quilt fabric I have in my stash, and then maybe get others to come along for the ride and destash some too. I picked a simple block and variations and asked people to respond with their emails or blogsites and I posted those on the sidebar. The second year I got smarter and made a Flickr site where FO could be posted and I provided a link. It still exists at where you can see people did their own projects and that seemed to work.
But this year will be different. I plan to do
1. Small art quilts
2. Quilt as you go bed/napquilts.

    How long does it run?
All of February.
    How much should one plan on doing every day, or is there a space of days over which to do work?
O it's not nearly that structured. I plan to do some demos/tutorials and post those and if you want to do them that day or the following weekend, that's just fine. Or next month, or whenever.
    How does the whole thing work anyway:  via your blog or website or    email? or some other way?
It'll all be here on the blog.
    And how much does it cost?
Nothing, it's free to you and your friends. However you might want to spend a bit on solids for the art quilts, and Wonder-Under 805 too.
    Maybe I'll finally use some of the threads that I purchased from Artfabrik so long ago...........
It could happen.
    Many thanks!
If you don't have a lot of solids in your stash I have suggested Joann's Country Classics and you will only want 1/2 yards.


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  2. Melody, I don't have half yards of solids....but I do have fat quarters. Would it be possible for me to "downsize" the pattern/idea and still play. I am really trying to avoid buying more fabric.

  3. yes that is the same with me. I have my hand dyed fat quarters only

  4. I plan to join in and will probably downsize as well. First I'll see what you're doing as perhaps I can mix colors and join them to make up 1/2 yard pieces.

  5. Melody, I'm sure you've seen this already, but just in case:

    Congratulations! :)

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