Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Knit Along

My pals Judy, Sharon and I are going to make this sweater in a knit-along. Notice the slim figure on this model. Not exactly my shape, eh? But the pattern is a fun and simple style and will be quick to make.

The pattern calls for chunky yarn and we spent several hours searching for some to order and ended up with about 2 choices that fit the bill.
But, I found some in my stash at home which could work, maybe... I would have to alter the raglan shaping a bit to  adjust the fit. Since I was doing that I decided to change the neckline like this:

Only not continue the rib as far and no cables. This is Baby Cocktails' Irish Coffee.
And I am not sure yet if I have enough to make it this long and so I will probably be changing the length of the body, and perhaps the sleeves. This makes the sweater come out completely different from the plan, but if I am to make it fit me, that's what has to happen.
Here's my start. Filatura di Crosa Empire, merino and silk. Yummy to knit. Size 10 needles.
While I was looking through my photo files I came across this picture of a rejected quilt design. This fused top never got made, in fact, it got disassembled. But now I look at it and wish I had made the quilt! So when we get to February and start Quilting Along With me, I think I will add this design to the mix.  What was I thinking when I rejected it? Who knows, but now I love it.  Here's the associated blog post from last March.

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  1. Ha! We all loved it then and can't wait now!!!

  2. So.... you are going to make that sweater... kinda...? I love that you always make everything your own. Only way to do it!

  3. I amazes me how my mood can change the way I look at a piece. One day I love, the next,not so sure, put it away and find it again and love it. It makes it hard for me to trust my judgement!


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