Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fixing the Droop

I got to wear my new sweater yesterday to knitting and by the time I got home the neckline had stretched way wide. It was almost falling off the shoulders. So I decided to crochet a chain and weave it between the ribbing and voila! a new look and a great fix. Yay knitting!
It's humbling to take one's picture mid diet, but we must have the before pics, mustn't we? Here's my knitting and Jazzercise pal Deidra, wearing my fuzzy pink poncho. Now that's my diet goal, to be as slim as she.

Off to Jazzercise now, to get the butt in gear.

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  1. Hmmmm, would a opperating treddal sewing machine count as aerobic exercise?

  2. Teresa8:59 AM

    You knit that sweater in just a few days? Wow!!! You are fast. It is a beautiful color and pattern. I love the crochet chain idea.

  3. Your creativity shines in both the sweater and the poncho. Have fun at jazzercise!

  4. You look great! Dare I ask how much you have lost?
    PS Love to tie on the sweater!

  5. What a good idea for the neck. One can almost always find a solution to a problem.
    I don't want to take any pictures of myself either.

  6. You look lovely Mel - pretty in your purple! totally jeolous of your knitting chops!


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