Friday, January 20, 2012

But then there's PRINTS

Despite what I said in yesterday's post, I have a love for prints too. They carry a theme, a look, a personality that makes a quilt shine.
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I love love love this quilt by Cathy Underhill and want to have one of my very own. Wouldn't be the same in solids. This is so girly and sweet, just what I want to grace my bed.

 And I find this one irresistible too. Mamacjt's Fruit Basket in progress. I have collected a lot of those fabrics.

Not as many as you all have, I am sure, but enough for several bed size quilts.

And I have some vintage stuff that begs to be used. Some as old as my freshman quilting days. The 80's!
My collection of Japanese indigo, wax batik, and Java wax resists are finally reaching the light of day, having been stored for. ever. Doncha think I should use these NOW?
 I have been collecting lime and lemony prints too, for a really summery quilt. So delicious, they make me pucker!
So fear not Print Lovers , I will be using these in February too. The quilt I plan to make will be (my) bed sized, and quilt as you go construction.
Must give equal time to #1 Dawg.

Chumley wants a better view...


  1. I love Cathy Underhill's quilt!!! My personal preference between strictly solids and prints is definitely prints. Her quilt in particular is so happy and feminine and "comfy" looking. It just begs to be used and snuggled under :)

  2. I'm seeing a lot of red Xs instead of photos. I'm glad you will be using prints too.

    What a riot that Chumley is. Does he think he's a cat?

  3. I was going to ask if Chumley thinks he is a dachshund. That looks more like what my dachshund would do. Although, come to think of it, Mr. Monk (my pug,) is quite an acrobat at times.

    LOVE the prints. And yes, a lot of the pics didn't come through on this click. I"ll have to try back later. I"m also excited that you will be taking us through that quilt as you go process.

  4. I thought it was just me who was seeing red x's, glad it's not. Your quilt along sounds as if it is going to be very interesting.

  5. Hilarious the way you shared photos, that may be missing, on the next post. Thanks for the post on prints, and solids. I am thinking about my snubbing solids - I RARELY use em... but I should open that door too (Your quilts with solids are beautiful and the quilt you posted here had me jotting down the pattern for a beginning quilter I have been helping). Keep blogging, your posts are interesting and make me think.


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