Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Weaving in ends

Weaving in ends from Garnstudio Drops design on Vimeo.

I have been asked what in the world am I going to do with all the ends I have from adding different yarns on my current project. Mostly I weave them in as I go just like the video here. But I am not as consistent as I could be, so later I will use a crochet hook and pull the end through the purl bumps on the back. It never shows and works just great.
In this picture, the orange and yellow sections illustrate the afterthought weaving in. But at the bottom, right above the text, is an example of weaving in as I knit. Keep in mind that I knit Continental, just like the video, and it will be different for you who knit English/American or aka throw your yarn.
The whole time I am making this vest, I am trying to write down what I am doing so I can make a pattern, but I have ripped out and reknit so many times that it is hopeless. So I think I will do this vest again, right away, in a single color, and then make a pattern from that experience, which I am guessing will be WAY more popular than my crazy all color version anyway.
By the way, I am late blogging today because last night some people dropped in on us, unannounced and wanted a tour of the house. This happens more than you'd think. Anyway, I had been rather neglectful of my housekeeping and was mortified at what a mess had built up over several days of focusing on knitting and nothing else. Shame on me. I vowed to attack the house first thing this morning, resulting in a delayed blog entry.
I just washed my floor and was waiting for it to dry and thought I would sneak in a post in a hurry, so here it is late.


  1. Your weaving video was exactly what I need right now! Lots of loose ends. Tis the season to be knitting!

  2. Judy Morningstar7:36 PM

    Oh Melody, why would you feel badly about the state of your housekeeping? You treated your drop-in guests to a feast for their eyes with your beautiful quilts and colours. They came to see you and Dave and your creations, not the shine on your floors. If they were upset, sic your dawgs on' em!

  3. I like the "crazy all color version." You just keep on being you; that's why we love you. (As for the housekeeping, puh-leeze. My guess is that the folks with well-kept houses don't have multiple projects in progress or books in mid-read. How boring a life is that?)

  4. Zieknits9:32 AM

    People you don't know knocked on the door and wanted a tour of the house?

    I don't understand...

    ...and I certainly wouldn't have let them in, but that's just me! I don't even take friends on tours of my house--the whole concept of 'showing off the house' seems creepy to me. Do you like me, or my house?

    LOVING the knitting posts!

  5. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Right - they wouldn't have spotted that dust bunnie of dog fur in the corner if they were gobsmacked by the colours on the furniture and the walls. But it serves them right, as my mother taught me to never just drop in un announced. It was considered rude unless very close friends. You keep reminding me that I must go and figure out how to use Pinterest.I'm sure it's as easy as can be if I sat and studied for a while. Thanks Nina

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