Friday, December 16, 2011

Oodles of Stuff

Nothing blogworthy happens all week and then suddenly I have something fun to share. This book arrived in the mail and I was relieved and happy to see how nice it turned out. I had not seen it anywhere locally, so getting a free copy made my day. Frieda Anderson and I are cover girls and I have a big full size page of my Leaf Light quilt  which is so thrilling. And of course there are the articles. Most of the members of the Chicago School of Fusing are included in this collection of the BEST of QA. So for those who nag requested that I produce a book, here it is already done for you. Get a look inside here.

I gave my lovely lime green sewing chair to Dave because it was small and matched his lime green room. This left me with my old sewing chair. Ick. It had been stored in the garage and was not so pretty anymore. The former black upholstery was dusty and full of deeply imbedded dog and cat hair. I tried to use sticky tape to remove it, but it didn't work all that well. My only hope was to just recover it.
A few screws, and then the cushion was off the frame.
Next I found the electric staple gun and leaving the old cover intact, I just stapled fresh new cotton batting over it and then decided to use this old freebie piece of fabric as the outer cover.

I liked it mainly because it was slippery, which makes sitting and moving on the seat easier. A bit of pulling and stapling and voila! the seat is covered.
Then the backing, which came off easily enough with just three screws, and I repeated the process.  I adjusted the back to be low and centered on my back properly and now I have a new/old sewing chair. The whole process took less than 30 minutes and made me a happy girl. Now I can hem my new black jeans.

On Wednesday I visited my sister at home since she had a sick day. She gave me a new to me pair of shoes and three stuffed IKEA mousies for my pups. Here is the white one in the mouth of the  mouse conqueror Chester.

Chum and Chester love the mousies so much. I gave each one last night and they proceeded to love them to death, altho they do still remain in one piece. This is their favorite kind of toy, CHEWABLE. Chum brought his to bed with me last night. Gooey and spitty tho it was, I know he was happy to have a cuddle buddy to snooze with.
We are having another one of those constantly rainy days, which I love, and will be making this another cookie baking day, as we seem to have totally run out of cookies again...How can this be? In between batches, I'll be knitting.
La dee dah!


  1. Although that sewing chair is impressive the fact that you (or anyone) were able to find a new pair of jeans is even more impressive, that's a job I always put off!

  2. Oh my - a doggy and his cuddly - nothing cuter!

  3. What a fine cover girl you are! The book looks lovely. And your pups make me swoon. Pug fever must be contagious!

  4. Love the chairs new cover. Thanks for sharing the new book.

  5. Love the chair and congrats on being on the cover of the book. I checked the inside of the book and remember reading your article at an earlier date...long before I started blogging or reading blogs for that matter. I really related to that article back then and still do.

  6. It's always a mystery to me how the cookies in the tin just disappear!! No-one ever owns up to it either . . .

    Looking forward to getting the latest QA!

  7. It must be so fun to be published! Your chair gives me ideas. I have one just like it.

  8. I love the chair redo. I predict that if a chair manufacturer (especially of sewing chairs)sees this chair, there will be an explosion of chairs in riotous colors! Seriously, who has ever seen office (or sewing) chairs in bright colors or fun patterns? Maybe you could sell your idea to them and/or design a fabric for sewing chairs!


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