Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Red Diamonds Vest

This was another design as I go knit, but it is based on the Diamond Patch Sweater from www.justonemorerow.com/
I just left out the middle diamonds in the front, and added side panels under the arms. The edge is rolled with the purl side out. Very simple and it fits perfectly (thank heaven!).
Anyone who has knit modular blocks knows by looking how to make this vest. But for specifics, I used a size 6US, DK weight wool, and my diamonds are 29 stitches. This is a size 40-42, after wet blocking. The side panels were picked up along the edge, and are 33 stitches and as many rows as needed for the width. Sides were closed with a three-needle bind off.  I sewed (!) the shoulders and then picked up the neckline stitches (didn't count how many) and did the same with the armholes. I may add that rolled edge along the bottom today.

Depending on the lighting this red goes to rose or orangey red. It leans more toward the rusty red, but the variegation goes from dark to lighter.

Here's my knitting map. I kept changing my mind on how deep or wide the neckline would go. I am very happy with the final choice.
The modular way of working makes this possible, since one can easily calculate how wide and tall the finished product will be.

I got shot of my boys taking a nap, Zzzzzzz.

Thank you all for your lovely responses to my Motivations post. I love you all right back.


  1. Lovely vest (and explanation) Melody ! Very much fire too, but that is truely yóú ;-)
    Well I think one boy is napping, the other two are keeping an eye on yóú !!!

  2. Your vest is beautiful. It looks like just the sort of pattern to use my leftover bits of sock yarn on....although the gague would come out differently. I think the self striping would look awesome in those blocks.

  3. Melody, I just read the motivation post. I can so relate. I think you were a bit hard on yourself. Anyone who works in a high paced, stress job tries to be the best, to be acknowledged even praised. But even when that all is stripped away.....YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION. That has absolutely nothing to do with all the other stuff you mentioned. You are energetic about whatever you do..even knitting. And you love to share...
    so please keep up the blog...I know you will get back to quilting but just because it is fun. Maybe in a different way. I truely have enjoyed meeting you and your blog since (after almost 42 years) I did not have my job. It's been almost a year and now I am finally coming to the place you are at. Finding yourself...slowing the pace, simplifying...and deciding for this time in our lives what is important for now. Glad you are who you are.

  4. Your Boys are just adorable.
    Yummy color for the sweater. That color makes you happy when you wear it. Lovely!

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