Friday, October 07, 2011

Undoing the Goldfish Pond

This was an unfortunate siting for this tub o'fish. Placing it under the trees where the leaves can glom up the waterpump, and under the huge miscanthus where the shade prevented us from even seeing the fish, was the problem.
So finally we gave in to the mistake and I got on my pink boots and my yellow rubber gloves and pumped out as much water as I could before descending into the tub to retrieve the goldies and two froggies.
Let me just say that my boots have tiny holes in them somewhere and I knew this going in. The muck at the bottom was black and gooey and how the fish survived living in this attests to their perfect evolution. Yuckamundo!
But I fetched all seven of them, three white goldfish and four multicolored shinbunkins, and also found two babies, one black and one silver! They went into the big pond and will no doubt be the new kids on the block, just in time for winter.

Here's the big empty hole and then the filled in with dirt spot. I did nothing to get this out, other than supervising. Dave and Mike did the muscle work.
Since we had electricity installed for the pump, we can now find an above ground water feature to place summer.

The Dawgs await their chance to get back outside...

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  1. Awwwww! Look at how sweet the dawgs are all cuddled up together!

  2. Anonymous10:54 AM

    In awe of your willingness to say ooppss - out with the pond and not spend a decade debating it.... and with the grunt work behind you it will easy to dream of what comes next.... there are days I wish I was YOU...

  3. What a job!! But I know they'll be happier in their new digs. Puppy dogs look contented too.


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