Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What About the Backs?

I've had a few requests to see the backs of the recent QAYG quilts. I have to say they look so much better than my usual backs. Nice neat rows of parallel lines, but what is requested I am sure is a good look at the way the narrow connector strips are joined. Again please refer to the great tutorials from Marianne.

Here's a close-up which shows the two pieces joined through the narrow connector strip. This is on the Nine Big Blocks quilt in which I cut my strips an 1/8" wider than usual so I could have more space to pin, resulting in a tiny gap. NOT visible from the front.

This is the back (untrimmed threads at the beginning of each row) which I have been doing as a flip and sew + insert batting and quilt method. I cut the batting into long strips and zigzag to the seam allowance, butting, not overlapping, ala Marianne's instructions. This works like a dream and can be done with much wider sections too. So much easier to get it quilted.
But today I will be joining the top and bottom already quilted sections of my red quilt with narrow connector strips so I will have both methods used in one quilt.

I felt I had to learn everything I could about this process, or technique, just in case. It's just the way for me to learn.

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  1. Love both sides, might be a great retreat quilt?

  2. LynneP9:55 AM

    Please say again why you choose plain white/offwhite muslin for your backs. I know you had a reason but can't remember. Thanks.


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