Friday, September 23, 2011

um . . . Knitting

I admit I have been neglecting my knitting this summer. Two hours a week is hardly knitting at all. But now that the fall TV shows have premiered, I am ready to sit and knit and watch. This rainbow sock always makes my mouth water, but since I had to make it long enough to get all the colors in, it is too long for my foot. And I do have several sock people on my waiting list (sock people?) It may go to one of them. In the meantime I sat on the deck in the cool breeze, soaking in the sunshine and finished up this drawstring scarf. Malabrigo Rios.

And once I finished it, it was time to block it and the Malabrigo worsted scarf I knit on order, which has been finished and awaiting blocking for like three months! Shame on me. The guest bed gets a lot of pictures on this blog, eh? To block my scarves I filled the bathroom sink with lukewarm water and a squirt of hair conditioner (wool is hair, after all) and squished the scarves in the water. Then I squeezed out the scarves in a thick towel and arranged them on the flat surface of the bed. The overhead fan and warm temps speed up the drying time. Both scarves grew nicely. Yes, I still have to knit the drawstring for the Rios scarf.

I started a new shawl called Mara, but 1. don't need a shawl in these colors. 2. I would rather use this yarn for a larger project. So I unknit it. Zip!
I joined a knit-a-long to make a fast and easy summer sweater and I am the last one to finish mine. The sleeves and neckline are all I have left to do, so that is the project at hand.
The pattern is top down, raglan sleeved and millions of miles of stockinette in white cotton/acrylic. So mindless, perfect for tv watching.

And last but not least a sock started when? that is instant gratification and just the thing to take along when I need to have something for my hands to do.
I am all ready for fall now.

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  1. Your socks looks wonderful. I love the rainbow sock....perhaps you should keep it and let Santa fill it. Did you dye the yarns yourself?

  2. The rainbow sock is great! Love the colors. I have big feet . . .


  3. Lovely projects! It seems like I did more knitting this summer than I ever have...not sure why. Usually knitting doesn't kick in for me until after daylight savings time ends.

  4. As always I love your color choices except for that pastel one, ugh, but then I never cared for pastels.
    Wish I was still one of those sock people. I just finished a pumpkin hat for Micah. I am waiting for pictures.

  5. I don't knit, only crochet, so I love looking at your knit projects.

    I wouldn't mind being on your "sock people" list :)

  6. I love your socks!! It is so much fun to wear brightly colored hand knit socks. Sock knitting is really quite addictive, isn't it?

  7. I just love the rainbow colors in the sock! That's the colors I want when you get to making mine, and I don't care if they match -- in fact, I think it would be fun if they didn't!

  8. Deb from Kingston5:17 PM

    I have big feet- size 10 wides, as a matter of fact- hint hint!!!!! LOVE the colours in those socks!!!!

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