Friday, August 05, 2011

Something Better, Please?

I left space next to my small worksurface to mount a tool organization station. This is a shoe organizer and while it holds some stuff, it can't fit my 16" square or my 17x14 rotary mat. Surely you have a better system.
 I'm not much of a fan of peg boards, (even tho my pal Mary has a nice one) since I manage to pull out the hooks retrieving my tools, and then the hooks fall on the floor and it is such a bother.
I need your help. Send me pictures or links to the ultimate wonderful organizing system, and I will be eternally grateful.

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  1. I think a pot lid rack such as you would find at IKEA would be a great way to store these or something that would hang on the wall for files. I am talking out of the top of my head cause I need something, too.

  2. Something like this:

  3. Melody why don't you make one from fabric- a wall ahnging with lots of pockets of various sizes.I made one years ago and my one regret was not making the pockets on the front from plastic so I could see what was in each pocket.

  4. I have a large Longerberger basket for all the plastic rulers. It sits on the floor next to my cabinets. It's great because I can see down in it to get any of the rulers, and it doesn't tip over. The other tools I have in drawers in the silverware trays. Not always the neatest, but they are out of the way when I don't need them all. I have a drawer just for paper products, and another for odd and ends, and my cameras. 2 very large drawers for threads which are in the plastic shoe boxes with hinged lids. One drawer has the sewing machine threads, and the other has the hand quilting threads.

    It takes a while to figure out what's convient for you. I don't have any wall space for any hanging racks, but I got drawers!

  5. I've been thinking about this problem myself and I am going to try recycling some of those old plastic wall file holders for rulers and templates. Don't know about the rest of the stuff, but I like Christine's idea of making one and using clear plastic.

  6. I use those 3m removable hooks. They have white tabs with metal hooks hanging down. You can place them however you want, it looks neat and clean.I hang my rotary cutters and scissors, one on each hook, and I can hang my smaller rulers, if they have holes. I put them on the back of a door to hold my large rulers. They even make clear bins that attach to the wall with those removable tabs.

  7. For rulers I cut a jeans leg off, hemmed the top and serged the sides and bottom closed. Put a pocket on the front (an old quilt block) for 6" squares and put grommets on the two corners. I hang it from the grommets. It is a triangular shape and has held up for years now. I can fit my big 12.5" square in it plus all my long rulers too. I have too many rulers to stand them on a flat surface, hanging them up is the way to go!

  8. Minniestitches9:08 AM

    Good Morning Melody
    I went to the dollar store and bought a Metal strip with hooks that is usually used in the kitchen for spatulas and such. I hang my rotary cutters, tape measures, scissors and such on it. I find they work great, one close to the machine and one by the cutting table. They also make it easy to spot what you are looking for at the time. I also have a ruler holder, piece of wood with slots in it to stand the rulers in. I keep it on a small shelf to stop the problem of it always being in the road.


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