Friday, August 26, 2011

Slow Start

My usual modus operandi is to enter the studio directly after blogging and get started. I can always get dressed later, but a nice momentum is begun when I don't get sidetracked with fluff like dishes or laundry which of course can always wait.
But the dogs really needed a bath, so I figured I would put off my own grooming knowing I would be sopping wet after they were washed. But first the dishes needed to be done and put away or risk having them pushed off the counter by unwilling furry bathers.The frisky wigglers made a sopping mess, and the kitchen floor got a good bath too which was followed by Dave washing most of the first floor. That led me to do the same upstairs, and then decide my mountain of laundry was next.
Delayed momentum.
It was after ten when I finally got into the studio and then made the decision that all the scraps in all the boxes had to be reorganized by color. The 'plan' which keeps changing is to do groups of color and include both solids and prints, so gathering them is necessary. And I have all those new solids to cut strips from and add to the mix. I am still about to return to that today.

Because Dave isn't driving, thank heaven, I can't send him off to take the trash to the dump, or run over to the store and pick up stuff, and then he needs me to pick up his meds down the mountain, and the dogs need flea preventer at the vet, so there are many more momentum interruptions than before. It's an adjustment I am willing to make. My schedule is developing a new normal.

....and of course I have changed my mind about what this quilt will be about 50 times, and now can't put my finger on what I had decided last night, with a great sense of finality that allowed me to sleep without further designing. It musta been something safe and boring, so today I'll begin again anew.


  1. Awwwww, but doesn't this doggie look cute and clean? Glad Dave is no longer driving :)

  2. I am totally in sync with your momentum issues. I am on the same boat.

    Love the photo of youile of new fabric waiting to be cut....there are little bandit eyes peaking over the top of the pile.

    I'm of to find a new rhythm....maybe I can use it to harnes that momentum.

  3. My "meds" are delivered in the mail. Is that a possibility?

    Two steps forward three steps back sometimes. It's all good though.

  4. I love the pics of the greens and golds...and the reds and oranges are sooooo yummy. They make me want to go fabric shopping!

  5. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Safe and boring...I am exhausted by what you have done to get started.... I use to work full speed ahead, but this decade of life is different.

    Let's go sew.... but NOT safe and boring....ha ha

  6. This week I had to wait for deliver of something that should have been here between 9am and noon. Nope, so they rescheduled for 4pm....nope, called at 4:45, Oh! You wanted it today? OMG. I did sit and quilt almost the whole day, but you dont' feel creative while constantly looking for a truck. The rest of the week was like that. Seems the world just doesn't get it that we just want to sew!!!

  7. "It musta been something safe and boring,"

    O! You make me laugh! Boring enough to fall asleep...

  8. It would have taken me all day to do just what you did to get started! I love the colors.
    I get some inspirations before falling asleep and unless I jot it down, it's almost always lost.
    Those dogs just always look sad even when I'm sure they're not. I guess that's what makes them so lovable.


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