Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Series of Remarkable Events

Saturday morning I awoke to find that these sandals were mine, won on Ebay for $.99. Are you kidding me? No one else even bid on them. Could it be the color? Imagine them with hand knit socks. O you thought they were for summer wear, ha!
$5 shipping and still a bargain.

And then I had to wait until noon to see if I would win the auction for the stereo I wanted for my bedroom. I have this exact one for my studio tunes, and they aren't made anymore so when I saw this on Ebay, I really wanted it, and only it. I have a Creative Zen mp3 player and all the new stereos are fitted out for Ipods, so I needed one that would take an audio cable connector to make my player work, and this one does.
I was bidding against another person and I was sure he was going to snap it up at the last second, but he didn't out bid me and I still got it for half the original price. Yippee! Such a happy girl.
Then I hurried over to the Three Black Sheep Shoppe for their gala grand re-opening and for our knitalong, which was taking place amidst the wine and cheese and all the festivities. I filled out the door prize ticket and wouldn't you know it, I won a prize. A Free class, some Eucalan wool wash, and some special tape to help follow knitting patterns line by line. Woowoo! I augmented the prize with some yarn, I confess.

And then Sunday I grabbed Dave before he got involved in any other project and got him to my studio, promising that assembling my table would be fast and easy. Sorta.

I am sooooo happy that I have finally got a real machine-set in the table set up.
Funny that I had to wait until I was all retired to get myself one of these. A BIG DUH.
Several have asked about this table. I found it...ON EBAY of course. I did a search for Janome tables and found some that were kinda expensive and some that were pretty cheap and this one that was just right, Goldilocks. It is made for Janome's so the hole is cut perfectly for my machine.
Whenever I post pictures of my sewing set up I get lots of questions about the big table and the drawers underneath it. The table is very old, from a resale shop and the drawers are Alex from IKEA, and I love them.

It has a drawer! and my one semi-complaint was that the tray that holds the machine is attached with these big sharp threaded bolts, and I immediately scraped my bare leg on it, as I knew I would. So I wrapped it in batting and Bluetaped it so it is padded.
And THEN I realized that my chair was still at the too high height of the previous set up and I lowered it and of course now my leg isn't anywhere near that sharp bolt. Double Duh.
The Continuing Saga....
The destroyed axle of the wrecked truck was removed and replaced with a new one and Mike, our hired man, drove it away.
Yes, AWAY.
 He and Dave made a deal. Mike had a Honda ATV, a death trap if ever there was one, and he traded it to Dave for the truck. Dave will use the four wheeler for carrying around logs and bags o'dirt and mulch etc. and of course for driving it up and down the mountain, but not on the road. If he kills himself, at least it will be at home.
We are also selling Dave's '04 Mercury Sable and a lady is coming to see it and I may pay her to take it I am praying she buys it.
I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

And now your Daily Dawgs


  1. Oh, you are a HAPPY GIRL! I am also an e-bay buyer and it passes the time when you are stuck in A.C. and don't want to dust! Nancy

  2. O yeah, another Creative Zen fan! We absolutely love our Creative Zen mp3 players, and still use them. We are diehard--but that is because they are such great quality. iPods still have not surpassed the quality of these beauts.

  3. Such a good post...I smiled all the way through. You are really making me want to get out there and get that casita cleaned out and set up so I can quilt!!!!

    I had a Creative Zen, too! Now I have an Ipod and an Iphone, though.

  4. Melody, that table looks just like the table that my industrial machine used to have. I had three of them, back in the day. I wish now that I had kept one. The table is perfect! I might go hunting.


  5. Oh I am jealous I want one of those tables for my machine. It isn't a Janome, so I guess I will keep looking.

  6. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Mel, you are hysterical. Why you don't change your career and become a stand up comedian is beyond me. You are way too funny. You might also become a comedy writer, perhaps write a book for those who are depressed. One chapter and they would be on the floor. Seriously you are far too talented to end up mired in Tennesse retired and going to the dawgs.......not really !! Enjoy your retirement. Thanks, you always make my day. SewsewLiz

  7. I went to an ikea store for the first time when I went on a trip and they were out of stock on the Alex drawers.. Darn I bet they work out well.

  8. Glad Dave is mostly safe.

    Won't those shoes look stunning under that new table. You will have to make pink socks!

  9. LOVE the shoes AND the table! Nice and bright studio too :o)

  10. You are having a perfect couple of days, aren't you? I'm so glad the table worked out and that Dave's truck is GONE. Hopefully, the car will follow. And there's nothing wrong with paying someone to take the car, although you can also donate it to various charities, if it comes to that. Good luck - you're on a hot streak.

  11. I love you blog. It is better than realty tv. Your life is never a dull moment. You inspire me to organize, clean and quilt. I haven't given in to painting the rooms inm y house different colors but you tempt me a lot. Glad Dave is good. The ATV will be a new adventure.
    Keep us rocking Melody and have a great day.

  12. And there was me thinking you would position the new axle across the mid-point of Dave's throat and use it to pin him to the ground. Your actual plan was SO much better. Glad you have had a good couple of days. xx

  13. I love the green of those shoes! Vibrant, fun and definitely cheerful ... you'll be the star of all your knitting and quilting gatherings. :-)

    Hmm, I wonder if the ATV could be fitted with one of those emergency shut off keys? You know, the type that jet-skis have? You wear the key chain on your life vest, or wrist and then turn the key on the jet-ski. If you should fall off then it automatically jerks out the key and it shuts off. I'm glad for you that the truck is gone. Fingers crossed that the car goes too and you'll have much more peace of mind. :-)

  14. love those shoes, but please not with socks!!!!!love from sweetypie.

  15. I love my table that is just like yours. I also have a secondary attached back table so it extends the area for the quilt to lay on. And for Ann Marie, the people that make that table can cut a hole for most machines.

    And of course, I love the daily dawgs.

  16. Since you bought the shoes for a song, the stereo, and won a price at the Three Black Sheep all on the same day, you should have bought a lottery ticket, too. :) Way to go with the truck. Hang in there and good luck. -

  17. I agree with Judith - you should have bought a lottery ticket with a string of good luck like that!

    it's good to see your sewing set up - and the room is so light and airy that it would be a pleasure to work there!

    All the best - Chris

  18. This can't actually work, I suppose like this.

  19. That's a nice Janome sewing table. I recently bought a new Janome Memory Craft 1200 and my old sewing table isn't strong enough nor is the insert large enough for the new MC. I'm giving my old Janome (New Home Memory Craft 6000) to my niece along with my cabinet. Right now I have my new Janome MC 1200 sitting on my craft table. It needs a large open area for the embroidery arm and movement. Our dealer has a sewing cabinet/table for this model but it is very expensive at $3,000. So for now I'm using my craft table which is working. I just can't raise or lower my machine. But even with my old one I very seldom used that feature. I have a sewing room so my old machine was set up open and I never closed it up. I don't think the table you have is deep enough for my embroidery Janome. But other than that I like it. I guess I should take a look at EBay. Thanks for sharing! I'm new to your blog so I'm looking forward to reading past posts.


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