Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quilting the Middle

There was a lot of fooling around and putting off going into the studio until late afternoon. I just didn't have the focus to continue to build on the piece, and so I thought, "Why not start the quilting?" This is such a different way to approach a work and so refreshing. I mentioned that the top had grown to 45x65 and that was a tad too big for any of the backing fabrics I have on hand, so that justified unsewing the top and bottom panels...just so I wouldn't have to piece the back.
I unsewed and set aside the top and bottom sections at the appropriate spots (see black lines) and that made the middle just the right size to fit the 44" fabric I had chosen for my backing. I chose orange thread 30wt cotton to do the quilting and went at it.
It is easy to get in the zone and just let the machine hum along, and soon it was all done. Sigh. No strain, no tension in the shoulders, and a nice flat quilted center.

Today I am all ready to build side panels and add more to the other two panels and then quilt them all and attach. NOT all in one day...I am going to just enjoy the process.

Mornings are starting to be cool enough to warrant wearing my robe when I walk the dogs. Luscious weather. Dawn is starting later, and dusk comes sooner too. Doesn't that seem early to you? My niece has already gone back to school, last week and school buses buzz by at both ends of the day.
I am bringing lots of cherry tomatoes to knitting tomorrow because I really have had my fill. We have armloads of basil to process, making pesto to freeze, and we filled the hottub and got it bubbling along for a dip after dark. All good signs of the changing season.

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  1. It does seem that summer has gone fast. Most of our kids have been in school a week already. And as for the tomatoes... I never thought there was such a thing as too many.... till this summer! I envy those morning walks in a robe with the two little guys!

  2. Our summer has gone to fast too, we have had sweltering heat, so much so that we have had the air conditioning on for almost a month and now it seems when we can finally open the house up, fall is in the air.

  3. Yes, I've noticed the change in light which always makes me unhappy! I'm not due back at school until next Wednesday, so I have a few more days of freedom and quilting ahead of me. Enjoy your cool weather. :-)

  4. I am loving this piece and the colors are supporting each other so well.

    The thing that I really miss, being back in Florida, is the beauty of the change of seasons. Especially Spring and Fall. Here we have green and more green.

    Share may pictures of the Autumn Splendor in your region.

  5. ♥ this quilt!
    I too have noticed the change of our evening weather, summer is coming to an end, which means........
    Christmas is around the corner! Yikes!

  6. It's looking great...isn't fun to be able to quilt in the middle of a project!!!

  7. Those colors are great. I am so interested in this method of quilting sections and adding to it. Right now I don't have a block of time big enough to get in my studio/sewing room and try it. Thanks so much for turning me on it QAYG.

  8. Greetings from Tunisia! While surfing the net and trying to beat the heat, I happened upon your exciting blog. I'm sure you've heard it before, but your quilts are fantastic and I love your use of color. I feel like I managed to get out to an art exhibit. Thanks so much!
    best, nadia

  9. I quilt in sections, too -- although by hand, but the problem of reaching the middle of a large quilt stays the same. Yet, it just procrastinates the problem, it is to be solved when attaching the backing to the whole quilt.
    I also tried tiles with finished backing, but when joining them, the binding has to endure the stress of holding the tiles together.
    Whatever way you start it, there are technical challenges involved.


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