Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nine Blocks

I finished piecing Tuesday at 5pm and then tried to arrange them on the wall in some sort of logical order. But the finished block size should be 33" square and they are all larger than that, to allow for shrinkage when quilting, so this is merely a quick and dirty view.
As I look at them on the computer I can see that there are three yellow-y, two green, two lavender blue and two mixes. Unless I made every block the same it can't be expected that they would mesh in an orderly fashion. However I fully believe the finished quilt will look fabulous on the bed. I am basing this on something I saw from Anthropologie (I think) that was all sorts of multicolored scarves sewn together in a riot of color and pattern.
You can bet that I will be rearranging them multiple times after they are quilted to find just the right arrangement.
Even tho Dave definitely didn't want this to be his quilt, his room and bed are painted bright lime green so I think I will put this on his bed for pictures.

I made two more yellow-rich blocks and am even considering unsewing the big orange/yellow one and toning it down. I could, I might, we'll see.

I actually ran out of yellow prints. I know this never happens to you, but don't forget I am a newbie with prints. Our tornado destroyed quilt shop, Sew Be It, has rebuilt and is having a GRAND Re-OPENING on Saturday, so guess what I'll be buying?

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  1. I love the colors you have chosen and the bits of prints you have incorporated into the blocks. The colors would really make me happy on my bed. I've noticed how certain quilts make me feel really good. I like the bright colors, especially in an analogous color scheme. I find it very soothing.

  2. This looks great. I have been watching all along to see how this would turn out. I have to say I was skeptical to begin with but I love the random combinations. I did a little sewing yesterday but we are recovering from hurricane Irene and sewing has been pushed aside.

  3. like your blocks a lot !
    Especially the ones with the "opposite" colours .... ;-)

  4. Good morning - love your progress.

    Do you use a particular method to keep your log cabin blocks square - especially with so many "rounds" of logs?

    I've paper pieced log cabins before, and its about the only way I can keep blocks that I intend to be square, square. If I don't use a foundation of some sort, they are just a bit "off" - not enough to be wonky cool, but off enough to make me want to scream.

    Thanks! Chris

  5. I love everything you do, but, on this one, I have to say the bright yellow draws my eye. The yellows in this block are true yellows. The other yellows in other blocks tend to lean more toward the yellow-green. If the bright yellow was in the center maybe it wouldn't be so distracting... is there a center? hmmmmm.

  6. I love these eye is naturally drawn to the orangey/yellow in the upper left corner. My eye doesn't travel around to look at the other blocks so much...hhhhmmm. Needs more tweaking, maybe???

  7. Beautiful blocks and cheerful colors! However..... the scrappy quilter in me would love to take each of those squares and cut it into fourths and then randomly sew them together again. It might be interesting to see.

  8. they are super!!!!
    a beautiful colorcombination; i lke them.

  9. looking fabulous and I love them! I wonder what would happen if you cut each block in halves or quarters and scrambled them up? just a wild and crazy thought...


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