Friday, August 19, 2011

Long and Skinny

The top and bottom panels are attached and I have yet to make the side panels. At this point it is 43" wide and 82" long.  I would like it to finish at 62x82" so I will make a big panel about 20 x82", quilt it and then cut it in half lengthwise. In fact I may quilt it in two 41" long pieces, if  you can follow that. 41 being half of 82.
Then quilt and bind and done. Woowoo.
As mentioned, I do have designs sketched out that I want to tackle next, and coincidentally my friend Mary, who left on vacation, gave me her Joann Fabrics coupon since she would be gone during the current sale. Enabler. I couldn't get back into town today or, heck, for the rest of the sale, so I decided to see if I could make my intended purchase online at
O I am in big trouble now.  We all know I have plenty of fabric, but since I live sooooo far from the store (1 hour) I can't just run over when I am short a fat quarter, now can I? And I might run out, now that I am making LARGE quilts. The solid Country Classic cottons are what I ordered, to coordinate with my hand dyes, and at $2.49 a yard, why not get LOTS. In fact I ordered 20 yards of white alone! I like a plain white or muslin back, altho this current piece has a vibrant turquoise Jan Mullen print on its back. It seems a shame to waste a print on the underneath.
And while I was there, I decided to look at what else that was on sale that I might 'need' and finally after all these years I ordered the Sulky 30wt set of cotton threads in that wonderful case. I like the heavier weight thread in the top, while I use a prewound polyester bobbin, always.
Swoon. I actually ran out of this brand of orange thread yesterday, so I started to wonder where I would be able to find a replacement. I couldn't make up my mind if I should buy this, so I flipped a coin, heads I would, tails, I wouldn't. It was heads!
O happy Mel.

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  1. Aren't you having a good time! I love what you are doing with this quilt. I am really anxious to start on a large quilt. I had my grandsons this week so no time to quilt. I like Jan Mullen's fabric designs but I have trouble finding them.

  2. Judy Morningstar9:17 AM

    I know that binding is not your favourite sport. I sew the binding to the backing side first, then bring it around to the front, and machine stitch it down with a blanket stitch from the front side. That is fast, and looks good from the front. Once in awhile the fancy stitch doesn't quite line up with the seamline on the back, but who cares? - the raw edges are all enclosed. Nobody looks there anyways, right? I love what you are doing!

  3. Beautiful!

    Congratulations on your new box of crayons!

  4. Sandy9:55 AM


    Do you use rayon or cotton thread on top? Why do you use polyester only in the bobbin?


  5. Jessica P, Willow Grove PA10:30 AM

    Holy cow your work is inspiring! I am an artist on a 'motherhood sabbatical,' meaning my time is filled with scrubbing walls, endless piles of laundry, homework help, being a maid/chef/chauffer/prison warden etc...and I havent had the pleasure of sitting and painting or drawing for real in almost 7 years. I'm all itchy about it. I used to embroider and hand sew way back when I didnt have graying hair and shriek lines around my mouth, and I miss it so very badly. Needless to say, I have never ever made a quilt but have always kept the idea of doing so close in my mind (right next to 'buy more Mr Clean Magic Erasers'). After seeing what you do with your quilts, I am wholly inspired and yearning to learn how. Nothing else has ever hit me like this. I know I could learn the machine sewing thing in time, but those fabrics and patterns and designs just speak to me. I can do this, I should be doing this, I have to be doing this......thank you for such a beautiful blog and for producing such remarkable pieces of art that have probably changed the very direction of what I do with my existence. Any suggestions on how to get started? Naturally, a basic and slow I cant quit this current gig of mine...not for at least 14 more years....

  6. A newbie question for you. Why do you choose to always use polyester thread in the bobbin?

  7. Yes, you definitely should have bought the case and thread. I like to quilt with Sulky also, love the 30 weight with a prewound bobbin. My machine is also quite happy with a 12 weight and a prewound bobbin and that makes a wonderful presence with long parallel quilting.

  8. i sure love your sense of humor! I've always only used regular cotton thread to quilt with. Now I'm curious about the 30 wt. When I drive the 3 hours to Fredericton next week, perhaps I'll look for some. I was always told that the polyester thread could damage the cotton fabric over time. What's your take on that?

  9. The bottom panel is great but, the top panel I really love. This is turning into one great piece of art.

  10. Such a rational gal!

  11. You are funny as always! Isn't it interesting how we always purchase more online than we would if we were in the store? This quilt is really looking pretty! And I like your attitude on not wasting perfectly good prints for the back of the quilt (unless it's reversible, of course). But, please explain your preference for polyester in the bobbin?

  12. How interesting that you are now "PIECING" when you used to ask me with scorn, why are you piecing that.
    Funny how things change.


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