Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Lady Loves Red

Some time ago I made a shawl and sent it off to this lady, Miss Lucy. Her caretaker, Joan, sent me this wonderful email which I thought you might like to see. I am so inspired to knit again!!! (after a day of quilting).

Dear Melody,
Ms. Lucy loved the shawl and wore it almost nonstop ever since I gave it
to her. It fit her perfectly and didn't slip off her shoulders. She even
slept with it on because of congestive heart problems, she slept
partially reclining in a recliner) and swore she was finally warm.  Of
course, she loved the fact that it was red red, red, her favorite color,
and it went with most all of her wardrobe.  Sadly, we lost her in March
at 102 and 2/3rds years of age.  She went the way she wanted to go, here
and fully functioning one minute (peeling an apple to eat for dessert)
and was gone with a heart attack the next minute).
One of her pictures from her nude modeling career (she started modeling
at 101 years of age) won 2nd place in an international competition and
is due to be displayed at an exhibition in Rio de Janeiro next month!
Thanks again for the gift of your talent and time in making this for
her. It brought her great pleasure.
Joan Pottinger
PS Because of all the snow we had this winter, she had cut back working out with her trainer at the gym to only one day a week, but she used the exercise equipment room at her residence daily..

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  1. What inpiration. Thanks for sharing her story and your generosity that blessed her so much.

  2. Wow! What a woman. I love that red shawl. I wonder if she wore it while modeling?!

  3. Me thinks you just grew an angel wing.

    One of life's rewards, what a great story, post and accomplishment-on both of your behalves.

  4. Please help me for Chrsit sake

  5. What a heartwarming story! Oh yes, keep knitting (but don't let your quilting get set aside too long . . .) All the best - Chris

  6. Isn't it amazing that she was still working out! well just to have reached that age is feat enough. It's a nice feeling to do something that brings such comfort.

  7. Wonderful story! About 5 years ago I knitted a similar scarf for the mother of a friend of mine. They needed something to hide her disfigured hands when they buried her and they used my scarf. I was so touched. It is amazing how one small act can mean so much.

  8. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. What a woman Miss Lucy was and what a thoughtful friend you were to her!!

  9. Melody, Thanks for sharing. It's nice to get feedback when you give a gift to see how things turn out. She and you are surely an inpiration for us all.

  10. Wow, that's what I want to be like when I grow up (except maybe the nude modeling LOL) And how great that you got to be a part of her story. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  11. Ask me what I took away from that story and I will tell you that the woman posed nude at 101! LOL! What a woman! And your scarf looked beautiful on her... she would have loved meeting you, and we would have all loved meeting her.

  12. Red gift from you to her, wow, gifted back, I would say! You bless so many!

  13. No matter how much you give, it seems you get back much more. It's the strange arithmetic of charity.

  14. What an amazing woman! So inspiring on so many levels.

  15. Miss Lucy totally rocked, didn't she? This is such a great story! Not much to say that those posting before me haven't already said. A wonderful gift, returned a thousand-fold! Our small acts mean a lot!

  16. Shout out to Ms. Lucy: "You go girl!"

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