Friday, August 12, 2011

Diving In

  This sketch had to sit on my worktable or I would feel like I didn't know where I was going to start. It has no reference to where I did start, so I guess that it is just silly, but necessary.

There were several housekeeping things I needed to get out of the way, annoying and boring and one of them included giving Chester the Pug (and me) a flea bath in the kitchen sink. He was very good. But I am not going to even attempt to wash Chumley. I could hurt myself lifting him up to the sink.
Finally about 2pm I was ready to get into the studio, which I might as well have postponed because I undid this morning (4:30am) just about everything I forced into being yesterday.
This is what remains.

   Or This. When I saw this on my computer screen I could tell it needed to be in this orientation.

When I work this way I make a lot of parts and some get used and others just wait for the next time I dive in.
It is so great to be able to just press a piece of fabric onto the design wall, and have it stick, no pins needed.

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  1. I love your color palette so far. Turquoise and red seem to be cropping up in a lot of places.

    I read that you're in a piecing frame of mind- but is this pieced? I love the wavy flow of the longer strips. It has a lot of movement.

    All the best- Chris

  2. You need to get a kids' swimming pool to bathe Chumley... outside, where you won't drown the house when he shakes off! Then the water just drains away into the ground. And the lifting part is much easier too...

  3. As I have read your last few post it got me to thinking about some of your older works and how much I love them.

    Urban Landscapes, Street and Rivers all have elements that would translate into piecing and it seems that you have started in that direction with the these latest examples.

    I also like the story board approach of Pine Tree and could see a series of story boards making great lap quilts, nap quilts (larger than a lap and smaller than a twin coverlet) as well as larger quilts.

    I think Pine Tree was a good example of the use of commercial prints to add a little spice but used in moderation. I think that is how commercial prints works best, in moderation.

    With this new technique of quilting and joining opens a new door for doing much larger pieces. What really attracts me to your work is your rich, vivid and viabriant colors and your use of them. Next is your modern abstract approach to your work.

    There is a huge void that no one has really approached, people that don't want the traditional designs and can't find modern and abstract designs that are larger than art pieces.

    I think you have everything to fill that void. Think on it.

  4. Your color is amazing!

  5. Our dogs only go out to bathroom but my brothers dog came and gave all 3 dogs and my house fleas. I used a tablet called Capstar which killed all the fleas on them instantly, then I sprayed them with Ovitrol which lasts for 3 months if I'm not mistaken and I sprayed the house with Siphotrol premise spray (for the indoors)Never had fleas again. This was the BEST treatment. I got all from Valley Vet (google it). With the Ovitrol dog spray(safe for even kittens) you'll never have to worry about fleas again. Frontline didn't even begin to work on these fleas.

  6. Beautiful luscious color! Almost makes my mouth water!

  7. Could you explain to me how your design wall works without pins? I did read the post below, but still don't understand.
    I love your quilts - the colours are amazing, and thanks for ALL the fablous information too.
    I am a beginner quilter - was an embroidery teacher until arthritis made me stop - so all this information is just so valuable.


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