Tuesday, August 09, 2011


The Western side of the house gets really hot in the afternoon, and while I have been using an outdoor roll down blind, it is rather inefficient, not to mention majorly ugly. Therefore I am putting up a curtain on this window. It has become a 'wall' in my recent rearrangement, and covering it in white drapes will reinforce it's wall-ness. I went to town to return the unused styrofoam panels and combined that with shopping for curtain rod, rings and 5 yards of white cotton canvas (O and one piece of red red red cotton) I am now ready to make the drapes today. I really just wanted to buy curtains, but they were all so flimsy or so expensive or just not white at all. I feel bad for people who don't sew and are stuck with what is offered.

Hobby Lobby which is right next door to Lowe's, my initial stop, had the 60" wide canvas, and Lowe's had just the right curtain rod. I am hoping I can get away with not using the center support...we'll have to see. I like shower curtain rings to hang my curtains, which will have buttonholes at the top. Simple and fast and inexpensive.
While I was out I got new doorstops to replace the puppy chewed one.

Speaking of puppies...

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  1. You have become part of my morning ritual....a nice iced tea, peanut butter on rye toast, and a fun, colorful, dog-filled blog to read. A lovely way to start my day. Thank you....

  2. LynneP9:01 AM

    Your "babies" are sooooo cute.

  3. You have to find the movie "Milo and Otis". It was a favorite around our house about 10 years ago. Your furry family would love it!

    Your curtains are ging to be beautiful!

  4. I know what you mean about curtains!!! We have 2 huge windows in our livingroom (120" each) and to buy curtains for them was going to cost a fortune. In the summer I have dark brown sheers to keep most of the hot sun out and in the winter I use cream and white sheers to let light in. I have about 10 panels on each window. On the west side window I bought solar film that really keeps out the heat and sun and reduces the fading on furniture and carpet.

    Looking forward to seeing your curtains.

  5. I wish I had your home dec energy. It takes me about 5 years to get motivated to make curtains, and by then it's usually time to move. Mostly I hate squaring up those long pieces of fabric.

  6. We bought a new house. There is a huge window, no curtains. I just don't know what to do with it??? I love your pugs. I have one her name is Penny ( she is the elder in our family:):) ---hugs ---sandie

  7. looking forward to seeing what you create!

  8. Anonymous4:51 AM

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  9. Celeste Wegner10:32 AM

    Have you thought about putting up a small trellis outside the french doors to deflect some of the heat? That's what I did - I had the same problem you have--the sun made the kitchen so hot in the afternoon that I couldn't even touch the door glass--even solid heavy curtains didn't help much. The overhead slats are spaced about 3.5" apart - enough to provide shade but not make it too shady--and it went out about 5 feet.


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