Monday, August 29, 2011

5 1/2 of 9

Merrily we sew along...

I find myself wondering if I am making more than one quilt here? When one thinks of decorating doesn't one think "I'd like a nice blue quilt or a nice yellow quilt" NOT "I'd like a great big quilt with huge blocks of contrasting colors that don't coordinate with anything else in the room". As I made the lime block and the aqua block, I thought how nice a quilt an analogus color scheme would make. So it may continue to become something I had not initially planned. This is so often true in my quiltmaking experience.

So from this point on, I will consider that I could have three quilts started here. A Red quilt that includes orange and pink and magenta, and a Blue-Purple quilt that includes darker blues, greens and violets. This may mean adding some prints to my small collection to add oomph to the scheme.
Surprisingly I have a bunch of lavender blue hand dyes and prints and this start will include many of those. I think this will look good with the aqua and lime blocks and then I may make a few blocks that reiterate all those combos. It doesn't bother me that my initial plan has gone astray. I am LOVING the process.

And in the kitchen it has suddenly become homemade breadmaking time. The mornings are so cool that turning on the oven is no biggie. Crunnnnnch!

And the basil continues to provide us with a reason to have a garden. Despite drought conditions this Mediterranean native is thriving and delicious pesto continues to be on the menu.
On Saturday we had my b-i-l's birthday party to attend and I thought I might include a little gift for my sister. So I posted 6 of her quilts on my Flickr page and watched as the accolades rolled in. Just a little encouragement to get her thinking about dusting off her sewing machine.  See this Set.

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  1. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Just a little encouragement to turn on the OVEN.... we are weeks away from that point .... so enjoy the beautiful basil.

    Ok, now some questions about size...we can see your lovelies are floor to ceiling, but your s i l 's quilts? are they small or medium or what? Graphicly they are great to look at.

  2. You and Brooke definitely share a gene for color, composition, and creativity!

  3. You could always make a reversible quilt, warm colors on one side, and cool colors on the other side!

  4. Although I love your colorful quilts you're always making, I prefer a "restful" analogous color scheme once in a while. I'm in the process of collecting all my blues to see how much I have for a mod quilt for my guest room.

    I made bread, too, yesterday :) YUM!!

    Your sister's quilts are amazing! Such talent you both have :)

  5. Wow ~ you and your sister are so talented! I am liking your colorful blocks and I like your sisters quilts. I agree she should dust off her machine and start quilting, and start a blog so we can all see!

  6. You certainly don't lack color in your life! I love all the blocks, and think you are going to end up with some gorgeous quilts.

  7. Brooke's quilts are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  8. and why isn't Brook making quilts and selling them like hotcakes????? They are all AMAZING and she obviously caught the "color bug" from you. The one with the wavy vertical strips is GORGEOUS.Brook honey, dust off that machine and create, create, create. You are GIFTED.

  9. Yummy! Did your sis learn color from you, or did you learn from her? Were your parents artists? I am always in awe of your abilities, and now of your sister's also. I'd never leave my sewing machine if I did as well as either of you! Just beautiful!!! thank you for sharing.

  10. I think there is a family connection. I hope she dusts off her machine!

  11. Please tell Brooke that I love her quilts! I love #5; the red and blue work so well together. I really like #3 and #1 too, but they are all great!

  12. Blocks, Basil, Bread. What more could a gal want? Yum to all!

  13. I like how many of the side pieces are "pieced". Your work is inspiring.

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