Friday, July 08, 2011

Update! New Quilting Setup

I already had these two end tables, which get moved all over the house and were currently not being used for anything important. Initially I put them together to form a long rectangle but changed my mind so I could extend the one on the right to make ironing easier. I was afraid they might not be stable enough for fast machine quilting, but no jiggle was evident as I speedily quilted the piece under the needle here. And most importantly, I was sitting above my work with no tension on my upper arms or shoulders. Much much better.

I can easily move this to any part of my studio that has an outlet, and I just quickly put it here, without having to move any  other furniture. I can tell you right now, that my folding table on risers will be the first to go. Then I might scoot this all over to the left side of my dining table, soon to be the fabric spreading out table, where I will be more in line with the TV and closer to the phone, should you be phoning me. ha!

I have a nice space for my knees, and my barefoot pedaling of the machine, plus I can easily move the knee lifter without banging into a table leg. The dining room table is just high enough to be above the sewing extension and yet low enough if I need to drape more of a quilt over it as I sew. I am leaving a blank space here for my 5PM  cocktail.
I really think this will work, and I didn't spend a nickel. Yay!

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  1. Interesting how inventive we can be! You're on top of it. Love the barefoot pedaling. Have fun.

  2. I'm in the process of doing a similar thing....finding odd pieces around the house to re-arrange my studio/office space. I only have a small bedroom so space is limited but so far I've brought in a chair and a folding table. I like to barefoot sew also.

  3. Keepin' it green. Recycle, reuse, etc. FYI, I'm having withdrawals; need dawg photos...pretty please?

  4. I like those end tables! It's hard too get something the right height.
    I like seeing the dawgs too! Look, you've even got us spelling it like that.

  5. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Show me the beasts!!

  6. I don't comment much, but I enjoy all your adventures. Thanks for all the information you give us on a regular basis. And, I do like the doggie updates, as I am allergic and have to enjoy pets through pictures.


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