Monday, July 04, 2011

My History with the Log Cabin Quilt

Yesterday I mentioned my first quilt was a Log Cabin and I thought I might be able to find a picture of it as a comparison to what I am currently making.  The dates are when these quilts were made, but this display was part of my one person exhibit at The Hoosier Dome in the mid 90's. I am not kidding.
Now it is called the RCA Dome
Don't get too impressed. It was like the most uninteresting show I have ever been in. Not even my husband showed up for it. It was at Quilt America, a usually not very well attended quilt show where Laura and I often vended.

I had about 20 pieces in my exhibit and not one of them was what I call a thrilling piece. But I took pictures, and so there you have them. The Log Cabin was made from calicos I got from Sears, Kresge ( the precursor to K-Mart) and Zayre (now defunct). There were no quilt stores where I lived back in 1981 which I am shocked to learn was 30 years ago.  Yipes!
Back to the present...I didn't get to sew until mid-afternoon yesterday so my production was low, but I did have a blast from my past with Funny Girl on the movie channel."Funny Girl" Barbra Streisand 1968 Columbia I knew all the words to all the songs Barbra sang. 1968...I had been married to Mr #1 for a year when that film came out and of course we were wild about Barbra.
You know you're getting old when stuff like that happens.


  1. I miss Zayre! LOL...yes, I Know about the reminders that I am "getting older"

    I like your new work much better!

  2. The Hoosier Dome/RCA Dome is now defunct, too. It was demolished a couple of years back and replaced with the Lucas Oil Stadium.

  3. Funny girl. Love it. Can you believe that we used to love blue, rose and cream? My how we have changed.

  4. I love the new blocks!!! When I was quilting I loved "building" the Log Cabin blocks...picking the next strip, sewing, slicing, pressing. Instant gratification!! Of course, your's are so "Melody" and so unique...just gorgeous.

  5. Your quilts from the past look great. I don't have anything near as impressive from way back when. When I look at your work now it's amazing the change....I never did go for dusty rose.

    Love those new log cabins!!!

  6. I actually worked at Kresge in high school...but, back to the present, I love the new log cabins you just displayed. They really draw me into the center of each, and I don't know how you achieved that. I guess that's why YOU're the artist!!

  7. We are all in the process of becoming, not just the kids. The ones that do not evolve are boring! You, Missy, are exciting as Heck!!!!!


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