Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Fourth Finished for July

I made my first QAYG back in March and abandoned it. I thought of it as homework to learn the technique. I called it my One Day Wonder, because it was made in one day, and never did get the binding sewn on it.  But Saturday while I was putting away fabric, I found the little darlin' on the shelf and thought...Why not add borders all around and make use of this good start?
Ms. Elly Pastelly, bound, signed and ready to use.

Here it is, my fourth finished quilt for July, finishing just under the wire at 4:30pm. All strips and scraps, mostly Kaffe Fassett. Woowoo!

Here's a view of the connector strips for the new borders. The quilt measures 62x81" and as you can see, fits my bed!

 The backing fabric is the perfect pink to coordinate with my room, so I guess I am going to keep this 'almost orphan'.
I learned a lot this month, trying out all the configurations and techniques of Quilt As You Go:
1. Flip and sew directly onto batting and backing. (Ms. Elly Pastelly)
2. Adding additional panels with batting added after the top and backing are sewn (Log Cabin Ninepatch)
3. Using narrow connector strips for an improvisational strip pieced quilt (Scrap Log Cabin)
4. Quilting blocks and connecting them with narrow connector strips, focusing on integrating the strips with the design (Mitered Square quilt)

There are so many possibilities with these techniques, and I think I can use them in making wall quilts too. But then I wonder if I need to when the quilt is smaller than say 45x60" which is pretty easy to quilt as a whole.
I know for sure I will never make a bed quilt in one single piece again, since QAYG is so much easier. And one little extra, if the borders happen to line up with the edge of the mattress, the drop is so crisp and nice, that lining up the quilt on the bed is super easy  and good looking too.

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  1. its lovely, so bright and cheerfulll keep up the good work

  2. super dooper once again

  3. Great colors and don't the new bright bold fabrics just make you happy. I know I can't wait to get in my sewing room every day.

  4. What a beaut! I esp love how the quilt looks on the bed, the way it centers on the mattress gives the last border purpose. What a dance of happy colors.

  5. Thank you for sharing what you've learned, especially from QAYG. I've been thinking of trying it myself. Your quilts are stunning, as usual!

  6. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Darn that looks fabulous!

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