Monday, July 11, 2011

Chasing My Tail

I was so excited about the narrow connector strip construction method, knowing how simple it would be to make a large quilt---effortlessly almost, that I had to dive in and start a huge project. My first attempt was all in these blues/purples and greens and was instigated by this old sketch. Hmm. It was easy to make one, but to consider making several the same or similar did not instill the same feeling.  It looks fine like it is but I can't see it working out as a larger piece quilt. Too busy for my tastes and the design of it doesn't bear repeating, methinks, and me is the sewer,  so I put it away.
There is a little internal conflict between the art quilt and the bed quilt that is unresolved.

 Starting again Sunday morning, I did some research and looked at hundreds of quilts that I knew I wanted to make and
resolved to do something simpler and went with a single piece of my hand dyed multicolor fabric as the lead-off theme for the blocks. 7" squares bordered with coordinating colored strips, sorta. This went up on the wall fast.

And then I thought...too circusy and not enough of them to make a quilt. So I sliced them some up and added a cross in the center. Eh. I made five of these crossed blocks and then tried to assemble a four patch with a coordinating block, of square in a square. Eh, again. Thinking ahead of how these big blocks would be joined I added a connector strip to join these four blocks and now I REALLY hate this block. Geesh.
  I am finally calmed down now, after the euphoria of trying out/dying to use the narrow connector strips. I will try again today, with a palette that I really want for a finished product and a block that I really want to sew.

And now for your daily Dawg..s

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  1. The dawns look lovely in pink and lime green.

  2. Beth P.10:25 AM

    Gotta say that I actually love where you were going with the blue piece at the top, but if you aren't feeling it, you aren't feeling it. Good luck with the process! :-)

  3. I agree with Beth about the top-I love it! But if it doesn't work for you, it's better to stop and do something else.

  4. Re: four legged beasties! Do you think they get together and think about the best pose?jeepers they are sweet!

  5. Can those two get any cuter?

  6. Your mind and your sewing machine are just w-whirring. I love the colors and the design of the first piece but I too wouldn't bear to make it into a large quilt. I like where you're going with the last piece. Improvisational is so interesting!
    Your dawgs look like they were the ones doing the work.

  7. Crazy about the blue piece and the daily Dawgs.
    Good to see you're back to the fun stuff. Can you pass me a piece of mojo please?

  8. I love that you share what and how you do! So neat to see what's going on in your brain!

  9. The first quilt=beautiful.

    I apologize for what I decided in consideration to be my previous rude comment, about why would you want to make a muddy quilt. I didn't intend it to be rude but I believe it was and I am sorry.

  10. This is such a colorful blog! I'm guessing that your whole house is cheery and bright - full of your quilts. I especially like the first quilt of blues and purples, and I think I understand how the connector strip works. What a slick way to do it. Thanks for sharing that. My fabric use is in very small pieces. (plus exotic yarns and stuff) Stop by and see what I do with these scraps at

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