Sunday, June 05, 2011

What goes on here?

Some weird stuff is going on in the garden. This hydrangea was all pink last year and tho I did nothing different this year, it has decided to change to purple.
I mean really purple.  And of all of my hydrangea, this one is the most sturdy and has the deepest green leaves. No fertilizer has been introduced, other than draining the goldfish pond water into this bed. Could that have done it? I admit there certainly was a lot if ick in that fish water. Eeeooww.

Last year this hydrangea was blue and now it's pink. Go figure.
Lots of lilies are blooming at once on the back deck. They seem to like being in pots, rather than being eaten by voles in the ground. Imagine that.

This rescued Gerbera has a mutant head. Two flowers on one stem. Again...weird.
Not weird, but other-worldly green is what this begonia says to me. Love that red edge and so glossy. Not bad for $.08 a plant.

 We have a bunch of chirping house wrens, with nests under the house and in the potting shed. This fledgling was rescued from certain puppy-bothering and posed nicely for me before I returned him to under the house. I am not sure his parents live there, or if he belongs to the other pair. Someone will take care of him, I hope, and at least he didn't get Chumleyized.
On the subject of babies...MORE FROG EGGS!!! This can't be happening. We have a million teenage frogs right now, bobbing up from the water, trying out their lungs. Perhaps these are a different kind. At night we have choruses of all sorts of frogs, toads and treefrogs. When the windows are open it is impossible to hear anything else.

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  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Love your blog.
    The color of the hydrangeas depends on the acidity levels in the soil. If you prefer the blue color, you can fertilize with Miracid to help increase the acidity.

  2. What great pictures. What kind of a camera do you have now. Thanks

  3. i have a hydranga that has done the same thing. it's all about the soil, and yes your fish tank water could have made the difference. it is still a pretty, vivid color.

  4. It is to do with acidity - the lime in your soil, fish poo would be lime I'd have thought!

  5. I love these walks through your garden :) Thanks for sharing.

  6. Simply magical to see what color pops up where. No matter what color they are hydrangeas are truly a masterpiece in the garden.

    That's a whole lotta frogs lady...

  7. With all those frogs, there should be a prince among them! We used to love to watch them change into frogs as a kid!

    Flowers are gorgeous!!! Where is pug?

  8. I love the sound of frogs at night.

  9. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Check out this website for discussion on changing colors of hydrangeas. I found it very interesting. Be sure to read to the very end with the chart of how to change the color to see possible causes.. red to blue may have more to do with the aluminum contentin the soil than if the soil is acidic or base..
    --joan in missouri

  10. I love the flowers AND the frogs. Keep that color coming.

  11. Lori Anderson9:43 PM

    I found your blog through Kathi's Pearl St. Rd. blog (we're in an art quilt group together)

    You have beautiful photos and quilts! I'm a new quilter and am still finding my style -- I definitely love your style & colors!!

    Great job!

  12. Hahaha, my lace cap hydrangea came out half pink, half violet, often on the one flowering head... and the spawn! Wowee! So many potential frogs/toads.
    Thanks for the fusing info too. I might be heading to the States in a few weeks and shall pick some up. (It's $13 a metre here!)

  13. you know, more frogs could mean that there will be an abundance of bugs this year. If they are going to eat away at one problem, then be happy! You need some kids to come and catch them. Frog's legs are really good!

  14. I love the Hydrangeas! I always tried to get mine to turn blue with aluminum sulfate! But any hydrangea is beautiful... mine didn't make it this year, so I'm really enjoying yours. As for the double headed bloom... I used to have a Bird of Paradise that would throw doubles... quite a sight! Now, with all those frogs coming, you might want to invest in some earplugs! ;->

  15. Anonymous9:58 AM

    I love your garden and the pond, how wonderful having all those frogs around, Chumley will be in heaven watching them jump around.
    I love your blog and look forward to your next series of quilts, and thanks for all the information on quilting.

  16. I love the purple hydrangea! I bet it was the pond water!


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