Monday, June 20, 2011

A Short Fence for Short Dogs

Dave and Mike spent Father's Day making life safer for the little dogs. Now they can run in circles like maniacs and we can just stand there watching, not having to corral them from the curb, as if there were a curb.

They are never let out alone, we always walk with them, as that is half the fun of having doggies. That and making sure their digestion is working properly, and you know what I mean. Today I was able to drink my coffee and use my camera and didn't have to wear my running flip-flops.

While I was out there I got to check up on the veggie beds, which are starting to produce nicely. Lots of tiny cucumbers are growing into big boy cucumbers. Woowoo. And there are lots of blossoms on the green beans and zucchini. Soon, very soon.

I already enjoyed my first Sweet 100 cherry tomato and I can see the second one is starting to turn orange.

The heirlooms are producing in great number, and thankfully the cages are holding everything up and off the ground. These were a great investment and so user friendly. As the plant grows up I am able to relocate the side supports to keep the branching inside, more or less.

It's hard to take a photo without the dogs getting in the picture.
Bite bite bite...

Later, Chum and Dex joined me in the studio for some R and R while I worked on the yarn inspired quilt. Here's a tiny preview. I will put it on the wall today and see what else it may need and then start on the quilting. While I used the yarn for my colorway jumpstart, it only got me so far. I had to bring out the saturated color.

PS...The gigantic lilies opened today!
Blue blue blue and pink. It thrills me everyday.


  1. Love your blog, following your creations, construction of the new deck and your gorgeous veggies and flowers. I think our veggie gardens are growing in tandem, the only difference that mine are growing in a greenhouse since it's too cold too long here, with wicked wind.

    Anyway, thanks for your blog.

  2. These are beautiful!!!

  3. Anonymous9:49 AM

    So glad to see the fence! And your garden--what a lot of work! But it all looks great (and hope the veggies taste great also).

  4. Zieknits10:25 AM

    Okay, I feel better now there's a fence (cuz even virtual doggie-"aunties" worry).

    The garden looks fabulous! And I can't wait to see the yarn-inspiration quilt!

  5. I just love your gardens and all that is growing in beautiful. I love your two doggies too! I laughed so much when I read your first post about the two pups meeting! I enjoy your blog so much! ~Leslie

  6. Maria1:47 PM

    Thank you for you great blog. I love your quilts and garden. It's fun to watch the antics of your adorable doggies too. I have wondered about something for a long time...Since you are out in the country (like I am), how do you keep the varmints (deer, raccoons, skunks, rabbits, moles, gophers etc) from ravishing your plants? How do you keep the koi safe in the pond? Raccoons ruined all of our pond plants, even without the temptation of fish. Also, I would love to see how the garden boxes are filling in along your fantastic deck. Best wishes, Maria

  7. Those are 2 lucky doggies! I love the colors in your new quilt.
    Our gardens are so much behind yours.

  8. Your garden looks fantastic. We are way behind you in Connecticut! Nancy

  9. How did Dave & Mike get this fence up so fast?

    I'll wait until those tomato plants are fully loaded with fruit to see if those supports hold up or not. I'm still looking for the perfect set-up that doesn't topple over late in the season - I think it's those raccoons that are doing it--no proof though.

  10. those little darlings are so adorable. The garden is fantastic-as always your thumb is very green!

  11. Little doubt, the dude is completely just.

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