Friday, June 03, 2011

Continued Brain Picking

Hi Melody, I'm wondering about your last comment regarding fabric paint. Do you mean if you got fabric paint on the backside of the hand-painted yardage by accident? So, when you go to fuse it to the fusible, it wouldn't stick? Not sure I understand what you meant.

What I meant was two pieces of hand painted (acrylic based paints, Jacquard for example) both with fusible on the back will not stick permanently to each other. The paint clogs up the fabric fibers and the fusible needs to stick to those to make a good bond.

Hi Melody, Not to dispute you, oh wise one, but I fuse batiks using Wonder Under all the time with no problem, maybe I'm just lucky. I don't stitch around the edges, but I do anchor them with quilting.

To clarify: anything can be fused, but whether it stays COMPLETELY stuck is the question. When I fuse something and don't stitch it down I want it to stay down, including and especially the edges.

The leaves and stems and little dots are not stitched down, but are stitched next to. Except the dots.  I don't want to see the tips or edges of these parts lifting, so the way to prevent that is to use only hand dyed cotton or silks, not batiks. With batiks, the unstitched edges will eventually lift. Note: this section includes both cotton and silk, click for enlargement.

Melody if you don't want to dye your own, is there a good place to purchase the type of hand dyed you have described?

Of course my friends and members of the Chicago School of Fusing dye for sale. and
for crackle patterned fabric

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  1. Brain Picking, I like that and will take advanatage with a few questions.

    I love your pillow case back. Q. Is this allowed in quilt shows or is it something that the judges look down their nose at?

    Moonstruck and Matchsticks are so great and among my favorites of my many favorites of your quilts. Q. What was it like cutting all those tiny pieces, controling them and getting them fused in place?

    Early in your career you did shows, can you share what that process is like?


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