Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Photoshopped photo

For today's lesson I began with a photo I took some time ago of our open field. Then I took it into Photoshop to try and help me visualize it simplified.
I thought it would eliminate details, but there were still plenty of things to catch my eye and confuse me.

first effort
   I seem to have forgotten all I learned yesterday and got all diddly and just kept adding more layers of paint.

So I painted out the details, on the second example. And then I added them all over again, with bigger blobs.
If one could crumple up wet canvas, I might have at this point.

second try
Then I grabbed another sheet of canvas and began again.

third try
 With this one I tried to swipe my brush across the sections I was painting, trying to paint the different values in sections. Getting away from just natural colors, I added some pinks, and purples to lift the greens and add zing. These are all still in the 8" size which is part of the attempt to leave things out.
 I am getting frustrated but like Nancy commented  yesterday, I may reassess tomorrow and feel better. At least the dog won't eat this homework.


  1. I love the addition of the pure red and purple in the last one. It does make the green pop.

  2. Somewhere I read or was told that you should always have a touch of red. Looks good! Have you ever used the water mixable oils? If so, what do you think of them? Ever done watercolors?

  3. Dang Melody.....if it was me....I'd be super happy with even the first attempt!!! Tx's for sharing your process.

  4. It's hard to transition from one way of doing things to another! I started out painting abstracts, then worked into more realistic. Don't know which way would work for me now, but I do know it all took time. Enjoy the process!

  5. I see what you're going for-- I too like a more abstracted painting. It is my hope to take some lessons someday too but they seem to never be offered around here.
    I love what you've done so far. Like I tell my students, you can't expect to be perfect the first time (or any time)

  6. Zieknits8:46 AM

    Looks like you're making wonderful progress. Love the red.

    If you're concerned about 'getting fiddly', have you thought of giving yourself a time limit for each painting?

  7. I am liking #1, but I know that isn't what you are going for. I LOVE the pinks in #3, so how about adding some bright yellows, bright chartreuse, orange.........

  8. This is just my opinion which seems to opposite others.

    The first piece is o.k. but the colors do seem to get a little "muddy". I like the second one best. The colors are brighter than the first. The focal point seems to be the point where the sky meets the ground (where that little bit of darker blue is).

    The addition of the pink/reds in the third one does add some excitement and makes your eye move around more, but then I'm not sure what the focal point is.

    I like the second one because it is abstract, but still natural and evokes that kind of calm, sunny day. The reds are in there, but they are subtle.

  9. Love the red/ pink in #3! Your talent continually inspires me!

  10. Mel,

    To get back to the place you were at when you stopped painting the last time will take incredible perseverence. It's always been that way with you and painting and I don't expect that to ever change. You and a blast furnace ( furnaaces for making steel) have one thing in common yet if that one thing isin't dealt with properly it takes a very long time before steel can be produced. That one thing that you share with a blast furnace is that you should never be turned off ( or in your case, to turn your interest away from painting. Because once you do you have to go through all the trials and tribulations of learning how to paint all over again. My adice is to never quit painting completly and never, never, turn off a blast furnace. That is all!!

  11. Ditto what Dave said!!!!!!!!!!!

    I quit doing watercolour's 5 years ago and now I don't have any interest in getting back to it for the very same reason he mentioned. I'd have to start all over again...and I don't want to :(

    These are all good (better than yesterday) but you're still trying too hard to be loose and natural...sorry.

  12. Thanks for the free art lesson! You're the bestest!!!!!

  13. Not what you want to hear - but I'd be THRILLED to have something look like this! Obviously I'm not an artist! Just remember - "Do you best and leave the rest, angels do no more"..... Smile!!

  14. What do I really want to own at this moment? For another artist with more media than I know what to do with, that is a very good question. Thanks for getting me thinking differently.

  15. I actually like all three exercises as learning tools. I think it always takes awhile to remember how we approach the process of creating our art, whatever art that may be. So, put away all of your internal judges (and the others, too!) and just keep practicing. You'll find your rhythm. :-)

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