Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rearranging the Landscape

The groundcover and weeds were removed, the new mulch has been spread and the hydrangeas that were here got moved into the shade on the other side of the deck. It was just way too sunny for them on this side without their former tree cover. That left us with a big empty space. What will we put here? We traded suggestions about what favorite kind of tree or flowering bush should be purchased to fill this space and make it a grand entrance to the yard. Southern Magnolia? Japanese Maple? Another Pink Dogwood? More Rhododendrons? Rather than rush the decision we decided to fill the space temporarily with plants in pots.
Just happened to have a few on hand. We have Supertunias, regular 'tunias, hosta, lilies, and basil. That'll work out just fine until we decide what we both want.

In the meantime the hydrangea are much happier in the shade with the rhodies.

Out in the back garden, the rains have stalled the mulch spreading for a day or two. The new mulch looks so much blacker than last year's, but will fade into a medium brown by the end of summer. Even tho this is made up of twigs and ground bark, it degraded nicely and some of the plants found it to be the perfect planting medium for seeds. We had volunteer phlox, nasturtiums, redbud trees and maples. In a few years it may all become real dirt. More garden!

To unkink our weary muscles we had a long soak in the hot tub and reviewed the work we have done since moving here. In the beginning we had no master plan, and no understanding of what would be developed as we inched along, experimenting with little projects. Each small improvement gave us courage to try something bigger or rid ourselves of things that the previous owner started and turned out to be not so great. Not everything we tried was a bang up success either, but we live and learn. We wish our parents could see what we made here, they wouldn't believe it.
One note of appreciation came from a member of the road crew doing some repaving down the way. He shouted " I like your place".
OK. That works for me.

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  1. Peg Howard9:57 AM

    Its wonderful to see the progress- and to "hear" the joy in your voice- when you know you got it right for you!!!

    Oh to have the manpower to do something like that here---would you and Mike and Dave like to make a road trip---
    Back to putting the studio I trashed back together- you would be proud.....

  2. Hey- I like your place, too!

  3. Isn't it nice to get a unexpected compliment??! We've experienced the same thing and it makes you feel good for all the hard work you've put into a place :) Yours is coming along beautifully and every year you'll see more and more of the rewards :)

    Actually, I don't know about you and Dave, but we're glad to have a couple days of rain to relax a little and soothe our aching muscles from all the yard work we've done so far.

  4. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Hey, I like what you have done too.

    When you first started showing pictures of your garden rearranging was about the time I retired. I was inspired by pictures of your garden, so I got busy building a retaining wall and planting flowers. You should see it now!!

    I am constantly planting annuals and moving hugh pots around. I also give zuchinni and tomatoes to friends, family, and neighbors.

    Thank you for motivating me to enjoying my backyard.

    Denise in Sacramento

  5. A comment from the road crew, haha! I seriously consider that VERY high praise indeed. Well done! (so far)

  6. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I like your place too! And I am WAY down the road....

    Continue to enjoy.... you sure earned it .....

  7. Seems to me that you and Dave do an amazing job without a "plan"! The improvements are just stunning and I do so love the addition of the deck. Thanks for the peek into your world everyday.

  8. It's nice when others notice what you have created with so much love. You have done a superb job!


  9. I envy your yard more than any other! What a lot of work you all have done on it. Well done! :-)

  10. Amazing, you deserve a beautification award!
    (I think a Japanese maple would be lovely there.

  11. I like your place too!

  12. I like your place too. I think the artist in you shows up in your planning.

  13. Your Hydrangeas look terrific. Ours haven't started blooming in Northern Virginia yet. And the deck...the deck... hats off to Dave!!!

  14. Little doubt, the dude is completely just.

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