Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This is the familiar version of Heuchera, aka Coral Bells. I have this one growing in the shade garden across the pond, amongst lots of native plants, hosta and sweetbush, as well as plenty of poison ivy. I am leaving it there, eeeouww.
One can barely see the leaves, but I wanted to feature the flowers in this shot, since they happen to be in bloom.

I confess to being addicted to Heuchera in my garden. I can't resist a new variety, and sometimes buy something I already have because they are so varied in color, depending on where they were grown, in sun or shade, that I don't recognize them at the time of purchase.

One specimen that I got in a very small state initially was this Autumn Bride. A sad little plant in its 2" pot, I took it home and stuck it in an inconspicuous spot. And then it took hold and became enormous. It is fighting for dominance with the gigantic Sum and Substance Hosta. I am thinking the Bride will win out and I will have to find a better spot for S and S. There are flowers to come from this plant but I just like the leaves, as the flower stalks have boring tiny nothing flowers.
I liked the results I got from my first Autumn Bride so much that I got a second one last year, the little sister to the big girl. Notice the difference in leaf size compare to the adjacent heucheras, Palace Purple and the peachy colored Southern Comfort.

Heucheras range in color from silver to red, to orange and strange colors in between like beige. Some like my Autumn Bride turn to vibrant orange and red in autumn. They thrive in shade or morning sun come back even after the coldest winters.

Who needs flowers when so much color can be had from these leafy beauties?

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  1. everything looks so beautiful and lush. All the hard work is paying off in a big way. Is it time for cocktails on the patio yet? Well..when it stops raining.

  2. I'm a big fan of Heuchera in the garden too! The leaves add so much flavor!

  3. Also a fan, but don't have any as we are renting right now. Your garden looks great!

  4. I have a variety of Heuchera in my garden too! I love the leaves. My favorite one is "Sioux Falls". It has bright red flowers.

  5. Heuchera is one plant the deer don't eat. I only have one variety and they do ok as they are planted in full sun. They don't get as big as the ones plabnted in the partial shade though. Right now with the cooler weather and lots of rain they are very happy. Hopefully this weather will give them a better chance of looking good when the sun decides to come out and beat down on them.

  6. They are just beautiful. I don't have any of the heuchera in my landscape, but I think I need some, especially when I see how beautiful they look in your yard!

  7. I love big, leafy plants like this! I like to put a couple hostas in containers on the deck. I also have a very large container on the deck with sweet potato vine, coleus, and vinca :)

  8. Ah, yes, I see some lovely, lush poison ivy in your first photo. Makes me want to grab the heavy gloves, long sleeves, long pants, and start pulling! Not that it every really goes away...
    Thanks for the Heuchera tips; I think I need to visit my garden store tomorrow (they also have lots of unusual hostas as well)
    Vicky F

  9. wow, can't believe your's are blooming already. we've had so much rain and cold this spring everything is really late. mine aren't anywhere near ready to bloom.

  10. Cosmos11:11 PM

    Thanks for the inspiration! I like coral bells since they are deer resistant and the deer eat everything that's not deer resistant.

    I have a purple heuchera and the traditional green variety. Last night I was strolling through the plants at The Home Depot and I found a Georgia Peach Heuchera (at least I think that's what the label said) and I bought it!

    I didn't realize heuchera had so many varieties, now I'm on the hunt for more.

  11. Those are beautiful. I have a shade garden and may need to check some of those out to add in.


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