Thursday, May 19, 2011

Early Morning Walkies

I must really love that Dawg to get out of a warm cozy bed before the sun to walk him....And I do. It has been chilly lately but we are due to reach the 70's today, and hopefully we'll see the sun.

He must smell everything. There was a hint of skunk in the air yesterday but no sign of them today. Chum has reached the 27.5 pounder stage. More running, less eating is the prescribed treatment. His bulk is really noticed when he jumps on my chest, Ooof!

Um...there was a plant sale at Lowe's again, and I just happened to be there at just the right time. 75% off.

Impossible to pass up all of these pots, which only needed a bit of deadheading and water. Ivy leafed geranium in a hanging basket, gazania, reiger begonias which I would never had bought at full price but could not resist. (notice the yellow flower pot?...not on sale, oops).

I got three big pots of pink Wave petunias which had the thickest heaviest branching leaves. I hope I can get them in the ground today.

I limited myself to three pots of Japanese red grasses, which are annuals here on the mountain but grow fast and have nice bushy seed heads, so were 'worth' the $1.50.

And I took only three red pots of Red Velvet geraniums. They are in nursery pots so the red outer pots were a bonus. Same with the begonias which have nice lime green pots. I also finally found my Burpless Bush cucumbers and a Black Beauty zucchini. Today I will try and get my beet seeds in the veggie garden, which due to the cool weather, I was in no hurry. The tomatoes and peppers are just waiting for the heat, but the green beans are all up and about to set their second leaves. I am not complaining about the coolness, since I know hot days are coming.

I was all done buying plants but then I had to stop at Walmart and found these quarts of Kassandra Heuchera for $3.33 each.Of course I got six. And I have just the spot for them, along the new brick walk.

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  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    What did you need at Walmart? it was likely something way over on the other side of the store - so what magnetic force propelled you all the way over to the garden area? hmm? very mysterious.
    (tapping finger on chin in puzzlement)
    I'm just on my way out to scout for cukes, brocolli, and cauliflower. so I will be thinking of you. Nina in BC

  2. Wow!!! Great deals!! Can I go shopping with you???

    Wouldn't you know...I was at Home Depot yesterday and got 4 bags of potting soil (among other things) and it went on sale today :( Never fails...LOL

  3. Who could resist the sale of plants? It's almost like fabric for me! I love the heuchera.They're one of my favorites.You have such a beautiful view.

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