Saturday, April 02, 2011

We Interrupt This Sigh of Relief...

 Just as we are putting the finishing touches on the inside of the house before the time of living outdoors begins, the shower door shatters! Arrrgggh!
No one was hurt, and no one was in the shower at the time, with the exception of Dave, who was adjusting the other door when this part just crumbled into a zillion pieces.

SO, off to Lowe's we go. I am smiling because I never liked this door, as it always was a trial to prevent dripping on the floor and it never closed right. And I am smiling because at Lowe's I get to look at plants. I am all ready to garden, with the major exception of the lousy weather.
 The before and after pictures with the omission of curses.This door slides open whereas the other door swung open, allowing for mucho drippos. Actually it wasn't all that hard to install.

Dave and I make a great team which I discovered way back before we got married when we both worked in the same meat department at the Jewel Food Store. I wrapped  and priced the meat and Dave was one of four butchers. Can you get more romantic than that? It is possible, I believe. We've come a long way baby.
After the door was installed I had Dave trim out a big roast I bought whole. He still has it with the knife. Chumley was right there for any meaty bits that were trimmed away. I am making a big pot roast because today we are being visited by Dave and Emily from IL and their three kids, all on vacation about two hours north of us. Emily is a quilter extraordinaire and yarn goddess. We have a lot to catching up to do. Woowoo!


  1. Some accidents are heaven sent!! But can't see the pictures, sob. Have a great visit with friends!! Mb

  2. Is that what you need to do to stop the drips on the floor????


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